Spirits from history/myth

can you summon spirits of people from myth or history or is there a way to communicate with them? are there ways to some how see them even?

All spirits known to mankind will have at some point something in history about them, either it became a myth, or written history that’s been studied. So most myths you’ve heard of, could actually be truth.

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Well if your going to be summoning the spirits of people from history (assuming real people that did exist on earth) then from what I know, your more likely be summoning their shade as they themselves would probably have moved on by now. Which seems to be the case for alot of deceased people.

Now from myth. Sure. Might be an egregore/thoughtform if not actually a real entity (aka if really a myth) although some myths probably have basis on truth. Which tends to be my thougnts. That everything has alittle truth behind it.

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The Gods, demons, angels, etc are spirits of mythology that can be evoked, however, yes there are spirits who were created from the imagination of mankind over the years and thus formed from those thoughts (thoughtforms) and yes they can be invoked because thoughtforms cant really be evoked as their existence relies on the astral plane, but they can be invoked into your mentalspace for communication. Which I find often plays onto your senses perceiving them almost physically.

Historical people can be evoked, atleast their soul can and they may or may not manifest to you in the form of that life they lived.

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