Spirits for success


So I want to be an actor (I’m GOING to be an actor!) :slight_smile:
I have wanted this for (literally) since as long as I could remember, I have been working with the Law of Attraction, vision boards, creating it in your mind, etc. for awhile now, and although I’ve seen a little results, I need something quicker, maybe not even quicker just more fulfilling.

I’m working two jobs and barely have time to do with I love, so you can see why I’ve come here.

I’ve thougt about evoking Demon(s) to help, but I think I want to start with Angels, just because I would feel more comfortable.

Does anyone have any Angels they would suggest? Or any other type of magick they have seen that has helped them with a fairly big dream/problem? (I’ve heard candle magick works well?)

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I’m new so I can’t really suggest any entities but I’m going to be an actor too! I’m not a fan of Sacraficing children or anything but I’m down to use Magick for personal growth and I like the idea of cheering people up through my art!

As an actor as well as a writer, i know there are many, many variables required to be successful in that particular art form.

One spirit, be it angel or demon will not do it. You will need a spirit to increase your charisma, one to influence directors and casting agents so they cast you over the hundreds if not thousands of other people vying for a role, one to increase your stage presence and make the audience love you, one spirit to influence critics so you get good reviews in any role you do get cast in, a personal sigil you can hide on the back of your head shot so casting agents give you a second or third look instead of passing you over, a spirit to get rid of your competition…the list goes on.

I don’t know of any angels that would be of use, though I’m sure there are some. Perhaps the ones in Damon Brand’s book Wealth Magick. There is a ritual in there for career success, I believe.

My recommendation is the Nether, Halah’thor from the Book of Azazel. He can help you establish a career that not only supports you financially but also aligns with your greater destiny.


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