Spirits for keeping quiet?

Hi! So tomorrow, I’m going to be moving into my new apartment. But my biggest concern is that I’m a loud person that talks to herself a lot. I was wondering if there were spirits out there that would help keep the noise from reaching my neighbors.

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There is a power that has a name.
I read it twenty years ago in a book called “An ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present” and it stuck with me.

There was a list of five powers that some sect of witches thought were the five things a witch needed to do to. The fifth was Ire, the power of silence. It’s the only name that I still remember out of the five and I made it a very important part of my journey. The word “Silence” carries a lot of spiritual weight in my book.

Anyhow, Ire is a potent magical word. Don’t say it out loud in front of idiots. Other than that it’s mostly harmless.

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