Spirits For Healing Emotional Pain?

I did make a post earlier on seeking help with what spirits may help in terms of healing some intense emotional pain i’ve been carrying for almost a year now. I did get some good feedback but it was advice that didn’t necessarily direct itself towards healing the actual pain specifically.

Has anybody had experience with spirits/demons and using them to heal? I really would appreciate any information out there.

I would recommend Deggal from kingdoms of flame and also evoking eternity…
For the record, EA classifies him as an angel.

I don’t have access to those works at the moment ufortunately :frowning: Has anyone had experience with entities either Goetic in nature or mentioned in other older Magickal Works?

Well, just so you know, EA does not say very much about that entity in his works. He mentions that the entity is a glorious angel. He also describes the way that the angel manifests himself. He also gives a picture of his sigil. So, there’s really not a lot of information to go off of and I found that it was super easy to evoke him.

You might even be able to find a copy of his sigil on the internet.

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Buer can help with this, and Hathor.

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