Spirits for exposing,punishing and destroying

An animal ‘charity’ local to me has been exposed recently for extreme and prolonged cruelty to animals and denying food and basic healthcare. The animals are companion pets and picked up strays.

I will not say the name or location or any more details ,but this has been investigated and proven from volunteers statements, probes, etc. I will not break this rule.

I sent Andromalius this evening to uncover wicked deeds and punish.
I sent Glasya -Labolas due to his liking of Dogs and his nature to the main charged.individuals.

Any other help and spirits to aid in the uncovering of the truth and punishing of the evil are welcome.


Dra’talon , and Norath are two I can name off the top of my head . Morbater , an egregore from ‘The Devil’s Grimoire’ is another.

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I have used Dra talon before… Thanks. He would be for the owner ,after what he has done. :+1:

Hekate would be good to use am I told.

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