Spirits for excellent writer development

I am an aspiring writer who since I can remember I have loved writing and creating marvelous storiesx short as well as long. Any ideas on which spirits can greatly help with creativity and the ability to unleash the inner artist. Any help is obliged. Sigils would be appreciated.

Dhjuty (Thoth)

What do you desire to create by your writing? :slight_smile:

Who’s your aspirational author that you admire?

If you were to imagine what’s blocking you, what would it look like?

So many questions, writers write, though, at any oppportunity, and so anything that blocks that for you is probably worth finding and annihilating before you go looking for more? :slight_smile:

Do you need the inner artist unleashed, or just a way to make that fountain pay?

Ok I will look into those, thank you. But I find myself reading all types of books, short stories, poetry and find that its not just an author or two I like but many. In my mentality I have always observed and learned from many whether it be in their writings ir their lifestyles. (Im a bit interested in history as well) and how I can incorporate their style of writing with mine. My style as you can say can vary with the mood I am in because sometimes ill start writing about past experiences and other times about just random things you know? Im kinda weird. What create when im writing is a portal into who I am and it is how I express myself. I sometimes write about a xharacter I created named Melinda and how in strange situations she always is drawn to this fellow named John. And etc. Its just a hobby though, I dont write as much as I used to because I work eat and sleep. Its just that I create my own worlds with these works of art and I express myself with writing. It is beautiful to me because I consider myself a god and th creations seem real to me like I could live those lives if I had the time, lol.

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