Spirits for emotional/trauma/mental healing?

I know people have asked this before, but everyone’s situation is different and I figure I should ask as my needs might be different then someone else’s, as a spirit might work better with me then not with someone else.

I won’t get into detail but I have ALOT of trauma in my life, and even current trauma/abuse. It’s taken a MASSIVE toll (my heart basically feels broken but also so filled with bad emotions it’s not at all healthy, and my mind is no better off as everything is connected).

I have early life trauma (abandonment/orphanage), two passings (mother and sister) however alot of bad stuff happened between, life was never easy as my sister had drug problems and was involved in gang/prostitution and got the family involved through bringing these kinds of people over often. It was very chaotic, she got jailed (won’t specify why) but after died from an overdose. She was the oldest and this was a huge impact on my other sister and i. My other sister is…a bully towards me? There is physical stuff , but most is manipulation/lying, emotional abuse among other things.

However she also got into drugs, and it did stuff to her. I’ll share only this much. Just to give an idea of what’s going on. I don’t know whom to go to for help… mostly I feel I need to feel love (my sister, and the fact I lost my mother had caused this need in me), and relief from all the stress. It’s pretty extreme, and keeps getting worse. I feel like my life has only been going down and down hill, just slowly.

If I was going to try and work with a spirit it would be for:
.Love (although I prefer it on a spiritual level vs with humans-- my preference)
.Emotional Support/help with managing my own emotions (I’m empathic and family life/people/environment is very hard for me )
. I need to toughen myself up so that I can feel stronger emotionally and not affected by things my sister will say to me, or sometimes other family members. So like sheild myself or something?
.Work through trauma, and such.
.Deal with anxiety/depression that is a result of this (although I’m naturally anxious but more so now and days)

*Love is a priority, I feel that everyone has a right to feel loved and supported, and I feel very lacking in that.

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Buer - awesome at working with you on complex and difficult emotions. It needs multiple workings as you unravel things and go back to talk to him a few times to discuss all the revelations that come in between.

Oh and no I’m fine, not like depressed to the point of sucidial or anything just reaching out to see what can be done, I’m fed up with how my life has been and am ready for a change to be happier and such.

Buer? I’ll look into him, I looked into Lilith as I had already communicated to her, but heard about her break down/build up. Which in my state, i won’t be able to handle.

Letana, the Encouraging Angel from Kingdoms of Flame.

The Spirit Tul, also from Kingdoms of Flame. He can show you the heart’s truth, and how to find love within yourself.


The hearts truth?

Yes. What is truly needed to be whole, and to be loved.

Few people know their true heart. They get lost in ideas of what they think they should want, what society, friends, and family, tell them they should want, and have no inkling about what they actually need.

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Okay, and would I need to give Tul offerings or anything to help me? I know some beings don’t require this unlike demons? So would I need to do an offering, or just evoke her and ask for help in healing?
*Nevermind disregard this :joy: got Tul and her confused. Unless of course he is an angel to lol :innocent:.

The grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, from which these two beings I mentioned originate, contains three distinct types of entities, Angels, Demons, and what EA simply called capital-S Spirits, because they don’t fit the classification of either angels or demons.

Tul is a Spirit.


Oh okay, so not an angel nor demon. I’ll look into him.

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I thought about her, due to the fact that she (except for one other) is the only demon/being I have contacted and am comfortable with (since I’m new to all this), but after doing research…I found out she has this break down-build up method that due to how many times my life HAS ALREADY broken down, etc – I emotionally wouldn’t be able to deal with that again.


She is a Goddess, but she will break you totally down then build you back up, and this is from my experience, now i have read others like mine.

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That sounds a tad harsh, do the other 3 Queens do the same thing? As she isn’t the only goddess of love/lust/sexuality/etc.

She is more then that. If your intentions are just for the ones you picked then one its gnna take some time to get there the right way with her or its gnna cost a hefty price. But yeah from my experience Heckate, and Morriganna will do the same. I just chose to stay with Lilith

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If you want a sex demon then evoke Dantalion, Zollos, or Sitri. If thats all you want help with

What do you mean cost a hefty price?

Yes I need to work on those things I stated FIRST before I can think about anything else.

I’m not after sex

I’m after LOVE and emotional healing. Becoming emotionally stronger, and stuff like that.

Id prefer NO sex to be honest

Lilith is a nurturing caring mother that will take you under her wing and teach you, and take care of you. And if you want the things that you have just described to me she will help you with that but before she dose she will help you with the rest of your life first then help you with them. But if your intentions are only what you have just described to me then yes she will jelp you but its gnna cost you if you decide not to build a relationship with her first

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Well I will consider this, as I don’t want to rush into anything. Thank you for the advice and guidance! That was very helpful, and I agree, the one time I did manage to make contact with her – her mannerisms and my impressions of her were just how you described her.

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