Spirits for beginners

are there any spirits for beginners to contact

Why don’t you use the forum search button? There are many topics created for beginner spirits. Although, if you are into the left-path, I recommend invoking Lucifer. Many people on this forum have invoked him with positive results. If on the right-path, then I suggest invoking the Archangels (one you are interested in invoking). Correct me if I am wrong, I am a beginner too :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am new to this forum well, and hope to invoke Lucifer as I feel as like he is an idol to me. What spirit you invoke, is up to you.

can Archangels help me with getting rid of a demon who leaves scratches and burns my skin akak ZOZO i think i did a petition to Archangels and instantly i started getting burn marks all over my arms

like something was angry and something grabbed my hand because there was a hand print around my wrist

That is a problem.
You should ask the pro’s here. I can’t mislead you and get you into more harm.

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I know how it started tho my friend and i met up at a party and he was there in a photo like a face in the background and he has been following me since Jan 1st

If I was you, I would have freaked out completely. I can’t even imagine what u r going through.

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and her 11 year old cousin started getting scratches that night on her face

it sucks , i cant sleep i even cant go anywhere without getting hurt. he taps and keeps me up at night he carved a Z in my wrist which is still visible. and it affects my school work because im not getting any sleep and he even scratches me in my shower like ughhhhhh

Why don’t you create a topic for help? I am pretty sure there are many who can help you.

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i tried but i dont know how use and banishing spells and stuff and i dont wanna do anything intense i told my friend to ask why it is hurting me it said 1A and to goodbye

and i have no clue what that means

I have no clue either.

I’d suggest to start with a banishing ritual. I too am a beginner but if you’d like to start off with ‘beginner’ stuff you can do a LBRP banishing. If you’re into the Left Hand Path there is a LBRP banishing ritual for that as well. You can search the forum for these rituals and see if you’ll get results.


ahh okayy

You have given a lot of advice already, in your various posts about your problem, but you don’t seem to have actually used any of it. A banishing ritual is fairly easy to learn if you try, there are some available here on the forum, and you can find the instructions for the LBRP with a Google search.

However, you will have to make an effort.

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i am going to but i am in school I will have to do it at 6pm when i get home

i will do it tonight because I cant deal with the pain anymore

A banishing can be done any day and any time.

However, for best results, it should be done when you first wake up, and before you go to bed. That way, it provides 34/hr protection.


Okay im looking at the ritual instructions now
Thank you i will try to memorize for tonight