Spirits for attracting/seducing woman

Im terrible with the women where I live, I need a spirit or spirits who can help me with this, I dont care if they are demonic or if im being manipulative I’ve had enough of this bullshit.

I’ve seen Sitri work for some members. Might wanna try that fellow.

Satanachia is powerful, specially if you want to be manipulative.

Or you can always be yourself, quit being nervous and shy, and act like you normally do. You don’t need a demon for love or to get laid, you need confidence. If anything, evoke a demon for just that, self confidence.

If anything, evoke a demon for just that, self confidence.

that’s a great piece of advice

Where I live there arent alot of girls and they have no interest in me , i am deeply damaged when it comes to girls and have a bad rep, Im also an inexperienced virgin, They have treated me like Im absolutely worthless and I want to flip the script.

Beleth will help you with that, people in general will have you in high regard and feel good about you.

Then go with Sallos for a nice relationship.

Satanachia if you just want to use a girl. Is fast… and furious, and I’m not joking his energy is really dark.

parallel to that, work on your self image, check out “Afformations”, that are affirmations but in form of questions:

instead of “I’m really confident” you go “Why am I so confifent?” many times and your brain will do the magick.

afformations are good for clean out the mental trash.


Read, ‘The Art of Seduction’ by Robert Green; choose a persona; read ‘Psionic Supervillain’ by Uncle Chuckie, and perform the meditations within to download the psychological traits you want; exercise regularly; dress well; And follow the advice from Belial that Orismen posted: “In every situation, see yourself as being the one in charge, even if you’re not. Telling yourself that you are in charge of your life, readies you to actually BE in charge of your life, and the macrocosmos will respond accordingly.”


I like this. Azazel told me the exact same thing, only with different words: “Interact with what you want to create as if it’s already there. Be one step ahead of Creation and Creation will follow you.”

Instead of fall out of the eden letting the outside command your state, let your blissful inner state command the outside. Since you’re creating the universe constantly, which, by the way, cannot exist without your awareness. Funny thing about this universe, all the input we recieve is interpreted by us, even the experiences describe by others only make sense to us because of especific experiences and points of view so we’re only understanding what we are ready to understand, just like Azazel told EA: “I give people what they’re about to understand themselves” (paraphrasing, since I don’t remember the exact quote).

Just like this… the past, far from being a route that define your future road it is the wake left by the boat in the ocean that ventures a forever new path… beautiful words of Alan Watts.

The prior relationships and reputation you have exist primaraly in memories and opinions, those are thoughts and those can be changed, destroyed, ignored and replaced always by the power of an act of absolute authority over yourself in the present… in other words, It is not the past which defines our future, it is the present which is constantly redefining the past and creating a new future.

Easy to get… none is slave of the memories of others, since “past” is only, memories, and memories are false atributions we have given to an specific pattern of the manifested reality.

Demons can control memories, but you yourself can too, better even, you can ignore them. It is no equal to “negate” reality, since memories are not reality, reality is just now.

ps: Joshua Pelicier’s Tao of the Badass can help you too buddy, and magick can boost the learning process as well as the oportunities that comes to you, you just need to realize the capacity you have to change.

I agree, you want to feel so sure of yourself and so kick-ass confident that you’re actually doing women a favour by having a one-nighter with them, not like the kid stealing from the adult’s table.

On top of all the great advice you’ve got here, have you thought about moving? I can assure you girls face the same kinds of issues (especially with how bitchy other girls can be) and I never really had luck with guys until I moved out the town where I’d always been the weird loner kid and to a city where I could operate free from all that, and I sowed a few wild oats before settling down in order to shake off my former self-perception.

If I’d stayed there it would have been much harder to shake that off, so maybe think about moving, or at least attending stuff - weekends in a bigger city, where people tend to be more easy going, or rock festivals, anything that gets you out the old environment and to a place where you’re freer to try out your new identity.

People say “geographic cures” are BS and can’t ever work, but when everyone around you sees you in a certain way, that’s a tough start for changing your entire self-image and skillset.

Success breeds success so once you get a few notches on your bedpost, maybe by travelling a little to where you’ve not got your past following you around, you’re going to be operating from a different place because your belief about what you’re capable of will shift every time.

Hi,i try the asmodeus,sex spell.i cant say which book.but its carl nagel.i afraid i b banned books,ya knw,look online,i swear,im timid,and my english terrible,and grls were struk by me nxt day,like im a star or smthng,staring,smiling,coming to me,try it,:wink:

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Method Used

  1. Relaxed myself with breathing and meditation exercises
  2. Chanted alash tad alash tal ashtu saying Sallos name in my mind
  3. Felt a tightening in my chest like someone sitting on it and atmosphere in the room became thicker.
  4. Thanked Sallos for coming and stated my request and payment for his services.
  5. Thanked him once more and gave him license to depart


  1. My partner who had not let me touch her for five months allowed me to caress and touch her and allowed me to bring her to orgasm and got a happy ending myself.


  1. I am going to continue working with the Grand Duke and report any further success thus bring fame to his name I encourage my fellow members of BALG to work with Sallos as he came through in a big way.