Spirits for astral projection

Hi fellows,

Still working on OBE with irregular results and success.

I’ve been working on AP only for 2,5 months (which is nothing) and had roughly 10 OBEs. But I have some important magical work to perform and wouldnt be against a little boost to achieve OBEs on a much more regular basis.

Therefore, besides PARALADA, which spirits would you contact to have some help in the astral projection process ?

Thanks all and have a great magical day ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, I was feeling lonely lol

In which grimoire can I find that spirit ? Never heard of him before.

No probs. Kingdoms of Flame and the Mastering Evocation course book, as far as I know. Thalos is another who is supposed to be excellent for AP (although I only had limited success with him).

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Thank you very much for your help

Thalos worked excellently for me. I opened its sigill and I had an astral projection two nights afterwards. It was my first one. The second I had also came as a help from this same spirit.

While getting some spirits on the job is a good way to further the task at hand, mishaps can occur. For me, I just either A) attempt it alone or B) tinker with a random thoughtform to help me through it.

I’m still foggy, I’ve never gotten a clear AP but I have had OBE’s without trying to so I’m going to say it sort of works? Lol

The Eye, try Dantalion, the first time I opened his sigil I had the craziest OBE ever, it was in space (yeah, like outside earth) and encoutnered a giant spirit with the shape of a black head (similar to the last boss of star fox but without hands)

Also I came across this site a few months ago www.lucidology.com, that info will revolt your way of doing OBE.

Invoke Lilith to to point of partial (temporary) possession with the intent of projecting. Then, while in possession perform a kundalini meditation and then try whichever exit you prefer; though you may have already projected during the kundalini meditation. My advice is to evoke any entity first before you invoke them into possession; makes the reason for the possession clear and you will also know if they agree to help. The possession is only needed for the duration of the ritual, not long term, make sure you set that rule during the evocation as well.

Thanks guys.

Actually I already had some OBEs but I’m trying to master the process to be able to AP on a regular basis to achieve some magical goals.

I’m not too familiar with KOF, so I don’t know THALOS. I’ll check him out.

Epicgnome : DANTALION ? Really ? Never thought he (or she ? some say her aspect his feminine) could help ! I’m gonna give it a try !

Andreeje : pretty extreme solution ! I’ll keep it in mind for the day I’m really desperate :slight_smile: I’ve met Lilith couple of times in dreams a few months ago, so I’ll keep in mind your advice thanks.

Since my OP I made some researchs and found that BATHIN could help with AP as well. So, I’m giving that spirit a try as well.

Just make sure you have an established relationship, via previous evocations, with an entity before you allow it into your body and mind. Adramelech is good to work with, in addition to Lilith, if you seek help on raising kundalini. The energy centers need to be primed for projection to become easier and second nature. But astral projection and lucid dreaming are Lilith’s specialty, as is a ping up your energy centers. Adramelech is better at full kundalini rising though. I would work with Lilith first and then move onto Andramelech.

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Yeah, it surprised me too, but aside that, if you really want to master check out the page I wrote… here is a nice list of videos:

Waking Sleep Paralysis: The Holy Grail For New Lucid Dreamers & OBEers - Lucidology 101 Part 2/12

@Andreeje : yeah, I’m not the kind of person who likes dabbling with spirits and I wont bother a spirit as powerful as Lilith for no reason and without having established some relationship. As I told you she came to me couple of times in dreams but that was 7 months ago. So, I’d have to approach her again before doing what you recommend. Thanks for your advices.

@EpicGnome : the page you wrote ?? Where ? Thanks for the link. Do you astral project ?

Yeah I do, I learned before I learned anything about “practical” magick so to speak.

I still need to get more organized with schedule but I’ve tried the methods of that dude the last few months when I can and it works.

I still want to learn soul travel like EA does but I’m more focused on other things right now.

Did you project as you were opening the sigil or after?

In that time I opened the sigil in the night a bit before bed. I went to sleep almost immediately after.

Whe it happened, I already had experience with OBE and stuff so I recognized immediately and the first thing that came to my mind was “Dantalion”. So I was in space and I flew throught the stars and stuff and felt a consiousness comming, I wanted to be Dantalion but instead it was a big head and started talking to me in a weird language, I asked if it was Dantalion but the “Cephalodude” denied.

I haven’t had any experience like that since, even tho I OBE quite a lot, almost everyday if I have time.

Also I don’t tend to project at night, mostly in the morning or during afternoon naps so I’m sure that projection had to do with Dantalion.

You didnt try again after that xp ?

If I may this little advice : next time dont ask “are you x ?”, just ask “who are you ?” and let the spirit introduces itself.

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If I may this little advice : next time dont ask "are you x ?", just ask "who are you ?" and let the spirit introduces itself.

Thanks for the adive, I’ll take it for next time… in the astral I had the habit of attacking everything that come closer, and just a month or two I begin to “interact” with spirits in a friendly way so to speak so, astrally speaking I’m socially awkward at least.

You didnt try again after that xp ?

Nop, and I actually stopped to work with Dantalion. Is a good one tho, very persuasive, and can also teach you psychic abilities that are beyond telepathy and thought control.

how is Thalos´ enn ??