Spirits for assisting in clairaudience and clairvoyance

May someone post here a short list of them?

I believe Lucifer is one of them but that’s what I found out so far. Any others? Also, do I call them for assisting or must I fully summon them for this assistance?


Aim and Vassago would be my first two after Lucifer.

Not sure a full summoning is necessary, though would be helpful.

I usually gaze at the sigil to open it, and when the energy changes, start listening and communicating. Works for me.


Great. So Lucifer would be your first choice, followed by Aim and Vassago?


Varies by the individual. Vassago was my first, then Aim, then (insert list here).

Lucifer is great for just about everything you could ever need, though.

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I see. One more question. After gazing at the sigil and making it flash, do I simply ask for the assistance? Or do I write a letter?

Sometimes I’ll even let myself drop into the sigil, close my eyes and I see visions. If I see him, do i state what i need help with?

This is my first time so pardon the questions lol

Ask them for assistance.

When first starting, the conversations are mostly one-way, so you are talking to them rather than with them, but as you grow, you will be more attuned to the energies, feel them with you, and know you have made contact.

Yes, let them know what you need help with. Then let them do the rest.


sounds great. thanks again

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In no particular order:



Great! I’m definitely considering Mepsithal. EA described the spirit pretty well in WoD.