Spirits evolving through us

A friend and I were discussing how we’ve come across material saying that spirits evolve by helping us. In what way? How do they evolve? Do we have documentation of this in occult literature on how that process works on the other side? Any info would be great. Thanks!

I don’t agree with this position so I don’t really expect you’ll find any. It might be coming from the lightworker or Hindu concept of the path of service. But I find the human centric thinking very ego based and self centered. Humans are not the only beings around.

I think a spirit evolves through experience, but that means all experience, not just the feed good stuff and it may or may not have anything to do with humans.

I don’t know if spirits evolve by helping us (evolve into what?) but according to EA Koetting, spirits gain power and status by working with humans because it gives them a way to express their power in the physical world in a way they otherwise cannot.

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so does that mean the more popular a spirit is the the more powerful it is?

I don’t think so, because popularity does not necessarily mean the spirit actually has the power to successfully bring results. There are many spirits that are currently popular that have lousy reputations for real-world results, but whose worshippers and those who think they are their “bae” tend to overlook this fact.


What spirits do you believe are the most powerful?

More powerful in what way?

Power is relative. Many spirits are powerful within their sphere of influence, but not so much outside of it, for example. There is no real way to measure power in the spiritual realms, so it’s pointless to make claims that this spirit or that one is more “powerful” than another because how can you even tell?

The more accurate question is, does working with them bring actual results?

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