Spirits did not completed the task

For a couple of days ago I invoked sylphs to make an admin unban me and remove the mod who abused the power but the change did not happened. She is still mod and I’m still banned. What confuses me is that I used the pendulum to ask if the spirits was summoned and they got my request and its winged yes. I also asked the spirits about the target if he had magical protection against magical attacks and the answer was no. I have trained with my pendulum for a while in my consecrated elemental circle by asking questions I knew the answer of. What happens? Do the spirits lie to me that or is because the task is not in their offensive. I chose Sylphs because the air element is associated with the mind. I’am of course open that I may have misunderstood something completely in regards to air elemental powers.

How much time did you give the elementals to fulfill the task?

I ask, because here’s the thing with changing someone’s mind: Once a decision is made, it is often very difficult to change, and the more you push, the more likely it is the target will dig their heels in.

In his book Works of Darkness, EA Koetting gives a perfect example of this. He was in danger of losing his job, so he summoned the mighty King Paimon and commanded him to convince his bosses not to fire him. When EA was then called before them, he was, of course, fired.

Angered, EA summoned King Paimon again, and demanded to know what happened. King Paimon’s reply was, “I knew it was already too late,” meaning that, once the wheels were in motion, it was beyond even his power to stop. The best the king could do, was give EA a bigger final payout than he reasonably should have received.


I did the ritual 3 days ago.

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Good book works of darkness

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That’s barely enough time for any mental manipulation, too late or not. Give them more time and you should get your results.

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I’m glad you say that if it’s the case. I can sometimes end up doubting my magical skills.

Give it at least a couple weeks and if that doesn’t work maybe try something a little stronger than sylphs.

I will give it 2 weeks. I have Orobas in my mind if it don’t work.

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Do he referes to evocative magick or magick in general?

A thing I have thought also is if I have misunderstood something about these spirits. Air is associated with the mind but make the target decide can have more to do with element of fire? Maybe I should make the spirits changing his opinion instead about the subject.

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