Spirits/daemons of wealth for abundance of other physical things?

Title says it all. Can a demon or spirit entity typically used for abundance of wealth, such as Claunek and Nitika be called upon and give you abundance of some other physical and pleasurable desire and bring it into your life physically and for real? If so, how would you go about properly calling on them for this, letting them know you seek a different thing than what they are typically called on for (i.e. money), and effectively petition them in a way that they actually bring you this within a certain, reasonable ( but not to much wait) time frame and not bringing it about in a way you don’t want/Monkeys Paw effects/etc…?


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Ah, why didn’t I think of him? Thanks @cyberseeker. I’ve never made contact with Duke Bune, how is he to work with? I’m talking about in the way that some really great spirits also have a reputation for getting easily offended and liking everything to be a certain way.

Fried chicken? Books? Lucifer’s retribution upon your enemies? I think if you use the search button you can find how to get such things.

Haha, Captain Spaulding’s Fried Chicken and Gasoline. Nah, nothing like that, bro. Just some things I need anyway but am not getting enough of. Actually, I would like more than just the amount I need because I find it pleasurable. Regardless of what many people say, I don’t believe demons want us to live a life devoid of pleasures. If that were the case, you might as well be a Christian Monk in a Monastary :):grin:

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True, however, remember the tunnel of Baratchial and the meaning of Gamaliel and the relationship between Golachab and Ga’agsheblah. Sometimes the search for pleasure can be detrimental for your spiritual development. Stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

mammon is another to consider

Naamah, Bune, Claunek, Lucifuge Rofocale, Lucifer, Lilith (sort of, it’s complicated), King Paimon, and Belial.


Thank you @N.M.Ginnarr,
I feel closest to Marquise Orias and he’s allowed me to feel his presence more than any.