Spirits Coming by just their name

So as some of you may have noticed I have been channelling a lot lately, and now I am just getting responses from spirits by just saying their name it’s annoying because I can think about a spirit I haven’t spoken to yet/in awhile and it’ll show up and I’m just kinda here like my bad. Is their anyway to kind of close this open connection does anyone know?


Could you not do some kind of ritual to set ground rules and state “I’ll only call you when I utter your enn, or this word”?


This is with any spirit who’s name I even think about lol it’s weird I put a sign on me in the astral “if I call you without intention I’m sorry” I didn’t want to speak atm

Everyone kinda does that without realizing it

Pretty good option right there.


You just have to deal with it. Learn to better control your mind and simply shift focus on to other things.


Sure. Close all of your chackras and don’t call on spirits anymore if you don’t want them around.

If you don’t want to go that far then you just need boundaries set up. Or put up a sheild that will keep away all of them during times that you want some peace.


If I’m even talking about a spirit and refer to them using their proper title, my medium family member gets nagged to speak to me from them.

I have this problem,I fucked up real bad the other day when I called Ganesh

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Hey what happened, I am looking forward to work with him in future.

What did he do? I was speaking his name yesterday when I was doing research for something.

i dont want to be mean. but did you know that they can read us like books, they know everything we got on mind everything we feel our past our present our future they know our secrets but they dont tell us that to not freak us out, so you better control your mind bro

I already knew that.
The thing is, there’s no privacy.
Let’s say I want to fap, I really don’t want to think about having other spirits in the same room.

I don’t give a damn if they know about it later. In that moment, I don’t want to be watched or interrupted or to have things around me when I want to be in peace.

Y’all fuckers don’t provide any advice other than, “Meh, it is what is.”

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That happens to me a lot too.

And then they show up anyway, lol. Or maybe that’s just me…

“Remember that they cannot be exorcised, that the act of banishing does not rid you of them but instead rids them of you, removing your conscious mind from their presence.”
–EA, WoD

Or you can always try to out-perv the spiritual voyeurs by giving 'em a real show. :rofl: