Spirit's color?

Do spirits ‘gods’ goddesses etc have skin color or is that we project on them;?

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Whatever you shall desire lol

I believe that it is what we project. But I also think that they can choose to appear with any skin color they want…including colors that humans don’t come in. It seems that they generally though, appear in the color of the people whose culture they are from…

For example…if they are spirits from an African culture…they generally appear with black/brown skin. But if they are known mainly to a European culture they will appear as “white.”

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They do based on the pantheon persay. They’re a race of beings just like we are. It’s not a based on what we give them. Only ones that choose to change their look but they still have a base appearance. Such as the Hindu gods atleast from me trying to view their true form through etheric projection was blue skin.


I had a dream with a BLUE skin fat Spirit with a japamala gazing me

Depends on if they are a shapeshifter and whether they prefer to be in their original skin when talking to you, I suppose.

There are also standouts like Mamon Bridget in Haitian Voodoo that break the mold of a specific skin color in a pantheon.

All in all, it’s always good to ask who you are talking to and check references to see how they match who they say they are if they claim to be a well known entity.

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They may have one or more colors according to elements/planets/signs which share an affinity with them.
About how the Spirit look like, it’s possible that in the past the blood’s fumes (for example) gave suggestion of particular shapes, so it started the “thing” of Bael appearing as cat and/or toad etc. But maybe the entities doesn’t have skin color nor forms (still, there’s a chance that “as above so below” applies also here).

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Thank you all for your information it was needed to further my understanding