Spirits bringing me the wrong person with the same name

I made a few petitions like a month ago to rekindle with a FWB I had a fallout with. I asked Tulatu (Angel of Omnipotence) and Seere (Goetia, using the DoM method) for help, but I only knew the guy’s first name.

I forgot about it and now it turns out there’s this other guy into me, same name, same age, same occupation, quite similar traits, but it’s not the guy I asked them for.

I wouldn’t call it a failure, because in a way, Tulatu and Seere delivered. I haven’t seen results to my workings at all this year, and this is at least some progress, but not the progress I originally wanted.

I looked up other experiences using the search function before posting this but I couldn’t find one that matched these type of cases in particular (or maybe there is, but I missed it).

So, how can I “fix” this? Or perhaps they just brought me someone similar but more suitable for me, even though it’s not my original target? I just find this outcome quite curious.


Maybe they are showing you new path of your life, or you didn’t specific your wish to them. :slight_smile:

If you want someone, you have to mean it, you have to have really strong vision of him. If you didn’t have these things, it is possible, they will solve it by their creativity.

The second thing, it may be a sign from them to you get over it.

My story with something like that:
One time I did spell - and I wished I will be happy. I meant it, but the secondary wish was “to be happy with my (ex now)-boyfriend and with one charming guy be really good friends (he wanted more than that).” (I didn’t have vision of this idea, main wish was “be happy”)
So yes, I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life now that they’ve both left my life and I’ve found a new, amazing guy who really loves me.
Sometimes they know what to do and what you want inside, not on the outside you think you want. :smiley:
Give it chance, it can by better path or lessons learnt.


I go by a rule. Always get the last name.


I probably should have used a photo of him :woman_facepalming:


This is true, they see things we don’t. I’ll just let things play out and see where it goes.

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See, this is weird because the spirits take their cue from you, so as long as you know who you are speaking of, so will they. Whenever we speak of someone in any context, our mind automatically conjures up an image of them from our memory, and the spirits would naturally pick up on that.


Exactly, that’s why I find it weird.

I remember reading in the Angels of Wrath books that, for example, if you don’t know the name of your target, you can think of the person and word it like “the one that stole from me,” or “the guys making a mess across the street,” and the spirits would know who it is.

As long as you’d be able to identify them energetically (visualizing them, though I knew his first name in this case), that should be enough. I did notice in the past some spells and rituals deliver better results if when photos are included, but I didn’t use any for these (Tulatu’s was a pathworking, and Seere’s was just my written petition that I burned).


It’s even stranger that they brought someone with the same name and similar attributes, as your target, but not your actual target. The chances of that happening by coincidence alone is likely very small, depending on the population density of your location. The only reason I can think of for the spirits to do that is if they believed this person was a better “fit” for you than the specific person you were aiming for.


Sounds like your original target probably won’t come around or wouldn’t work out, and they said, “well…how bout 2.0!? :sweat_smile:

It’s actually kinda funny, and the odds are pretty crazy.


Yeah, given social network and all.

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Whoa! This is crazzzy.

I’ve always been paranoid about things like this myself, so I was always use the full name, bring up a photo and I’m always like “Here. This one!”

Many people say you don’t need it, but maybe my paranoia was onto something. LoL


Path of least resistance

Damon sent me a message while discussing
“Magick failing”
While I believe that magick, if done right, works ALWAYS is some way. And I’ll never bow down to “impossible”, Brand looks at it like this…

And since you are using mostly GoM books


About 18 months - 2 years ago I cast a bunch of rituals for a specific person, and ended up having all those outcomes fulfilled… with someone else, probably better suited to me, but definitely not the person I intended or aimed the ritual at.

Turns out the person I originally asked for was a monumental piece of shit so I’m not mad about it in hindsight, and at the time I just thought it was just odd/funny.


@Veil I like your name;)

Was that while working with angels?

I"m guessing that angels would give whats best for you while checking the most boxes
While demons give you what you ask for and then it’s your “problem”

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Thank you, I chose it myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I was almost solely working with demons at that point. Dantalion and Sitri. Later I did work with some archangels, Uriel and Haniel. And perhaps some of the other angels of the 72-letter name of God. Also using the Law of Consciousness.

The djinn have given me the most “lol here’s what you asked for, sorry if it fucks you up though” results, but they work very quickly without the long-term in mind. Sitri (who one might argue is a djinni) has similarly trolled me. Dantalion (again, arguably could be a djinni) has been good to me. I find angels tend to work relatively more slowly with the big picture in mind, but deliver in full eventually. For example, the person I mentioned fucked me over, so I asked Uriel to “let someone know how they have hurt you”. The next day I woke up and I was fully awake and lucid but could hear that person’s voice, speaking of what they did to me, to someone else – as though they were just a room or two away in the same house. But the true fulfilment of that, and getting acknowledgement and apology from that person, didn’t come until 3 or 4 months later.


@Veil hahahhahaha :sweat_smile:

I’ve been focising on Sitri and Dantalion this few days so it’s kinda funny you mentioned them;)

They’re good with this sort of work. Just remember to be extremely, overly specific when you request anything of Sitri. Even the most obvious, taken-for-granted thing… make sure you include it in your request.

…I asked Sitri for a perfect partner and he delivered in TWO DAYS to about 98% specification (close enough). I remembered to include things like “is straight”, “is single” – but I forgot “lives in same city as me” and “actively wants a relationship” :melting_face:

Don’t make that mistake, be extremely, overly specific.


Maybe what also helped was that it wasn’t so hard for me to detach from this target.

And in the meantime, while this other person appeared, it also helps me distract myself further.

So it’s not 100% what I wanted, but it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world.

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