Spirits are not pleased with me

I do not know why but i called upon spirit (x) and simply ask that some specific person speak to me and it would seem that the person in question is against me and does not wish to speak to me. Although this unnamed person is someone i placed a spell on. Still i am beside myself as to the spirits non cooperation with the bespelled person not speaking to me. Granted this person should not be acting in this way…

I know my madness is very vague details are not my forte just the basics. I dont want my work to be interrupted

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I feel for you. Yes it’s hard. From personal experience it’s hard. Four years on and I still have my days where I would do anything for a 5 minute conversation with the person. Which was the day before yesterday for me and yesterday. Then this morning I woke up and I am waiting to see if the woman I talked to last week has left me a message. I can’t wait for the uni break to be over so I can talk to her again. It’s a see saw and I think the day I stop worrying about the past and that relationship and only concentrate on a new relationship will ironically be the day everything I have done to try to get her to talk to me will work. But then I won’t want it. So it’s hard but the only way to get through it is in your own time

Well i got an answer. Its a no. So i guesd the spirits are acting in my best interest. Its sad. Because the see saw example this paticular person has run from me twice but i put the black pen trick on them from the spider and the green butterfly so im confused about the no. Regardless i have more good to worry about

Give them something.

You can’t walk out of a Wal-Mart with a flat screen tv without paying for it.

Pay them! There are plenty of ways of doing so.
Candles specific for them to feed off.
Honoring their name.


90% of the time ya gotta give em something
Beings like Lucifer for example are rare and will not ask for anything, but will not work with just anyone.

This . Any other entity pretty much requires payment upfront. One time I got lucky and paid later with one. Lucifer is the only one so far that doesn’t want much. He’s never asked for anything, though I give freely because I care for him. Once you set a good name for yourself in the spirit world, you may be able to get " freebies " but really, why not show some gratitude?


Most Demons will teach you stuff for free, as long as you can communicate with them clearly.

Just a tip :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way @AradiaX
Have you ever been asked by a Demon for your Tears as compensation?

Just felt like You might know, never happend to me before untill recently :thinking:


It’s funny you mention that, no I’ve never been asked outright but I’ve FELT that’s something I should offer and have. I’ve never heard anybody mention that sort of thing and thought perhaps I was a little crazy for it :thinking:


@AlphaC tears, of sadness pain or joy, would hold a lot of emotional energy.

Agree @AradiaX ?

I would think a being that one is close to would appreciate such an offering.


Yea not that long ago during an Evocation with Sitri i was preparing to prick myself to give blood as compensation, but he told me he wanted my Tears not my blood.

I thought i was making the shit up till i actually pricked myself and absolutely no blood came out.
Suddenly i began to tear up a lot and could feel him Feed off the energy.


I agree it’s a very intimate form of sacrifice considering the plethora of emotions behind it. It’s emotional, physical and mental


Just an update from my original post. It would seem that the spell has resumed but i am taught a lesson in all this and i myself have changed in the last few days, the person whom i put the spell on even notices this change. So im continuing my advancement of ruling my emotions in everyday life.