Spirits and their concept of time


I was thinking about this and didn’t come to a conclusion yet. Maybe someone on here has got some insights on this topic?
Anyways, I was thinking about a goal that I wanted to achieve. I didn’t have a sigil with me to consecrate, and I certainly didn’t have time to do a full evocation, since there were only 30 minutes left till the opportunity was gone and I was far away from home. Thinking about this, a question came to my mind. Let’s say I’m in a similar situation in the future, would it be possible to do a ritual or an evocation later in time, to affect my success with an opportunity that existed before I did the ritual. And if that’s possible, how do I communicate that idea to a spirit that comes from a place without time?
I will do an experiment, next time I’m in a similar situation. But for now, does any one of you have an idea?


This article might interest you. :slight_smile:



Amazing article Neeros!


I agree, TakeV is a skilled practicioner.


Neeros, can you explain exactly what he means by retroselection? I am having some difficulty understanding exactly how this is done.


I am pretty sure he defines retroselection as choosing what you want to happen, what pathways you want past events to take. Odd, unnecessary term really in my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Dynamic Psi paradigm future selection is choosing what future events you want to establish, so retroselection is choosing what past events you want to establish.


Hello I know I might be a little late on my arrival on your topic, you might even have an answer that is best fitted for you. But heres my theory-

Spiritual beings have intellegence just as we do, in a sense they run along a concept of time just as we do, though the laws seem more parallel. From my experience, when asked for something it does take “time” for even the spirit to have it manifest even if attempting the task right away.

So… maybe you should come up with a talisman or sigil embuded with the task of genereating these events more frequently. Also which spirit did you have in mind for calling upon? does this spirit focus on the task pridominately or minorly. some of them are well versed in certain areas.

Im sure who know by now whom to call upon for what. If not reading up on them usually infroms, it also generates a better connection and understanding between you and the spirit. If a bond is established and the spirit has agreed to help you accomplish the task.

Then I can deffinately see when the talisman activates itself upon the dials of time, the spirit being right there, ready to have it manifest.

just a general Idea.

sometimes you have to push the cogs in motion, so unexpected situation that yeild your benefit can already be unlocked for you.

Keys are usually good talismans for such a task. the more ancient and mystical looking the better.


I see what you mean Starbatboy. Your idea is pretty cool and helpful. The solution I came up with came to me in a deep meditation. It’s based on a concept of time that fits my experience and those of some remote viewers, the article Neeros put up a link to, and other considerations. Bottom line, the future is much less “condensed” and easier to mold than the past ( from a 3d standpoint; again this is just a working model). It might very well be the case that the only reason for this observation is the ego’s need for some sort of coherence, but on behalf of practicality it makes sense to go with it.
What I did was kind of a shamanic journey to find a symbol that was supposed to be a gate through which the spirits could send their power into my observed past. It would be active, from the moment on, that I had brought it out of the astral, into the physical, basically by drawing it on a piece of paper. After opening it, I put it in my magickal diary. Two days later I was at work and wanted something to happen (can’t say what- it’s private).
Anyways, I wrote down, what I wanted to happen and made a note to do a ritual for it in the near futue. What can i say, the goal was achieved. I did the ritual a day later. I haven’t tested this with spirits yet, though.


Very Interesting concept I compliment the shamanistic journey, and glad you received the anwser. I saw a very interesting video on youtube by a youngman. he was describing he theory of life based off of two books he read, the God Gene and erm I forgot the other, he described the existance and everything in being a particle and a wave, time being included. Molding is deffinately a great concept to have when you address the future, thus molding the furture! lol