Spirits and power/influence

Some say worship adds to a spirit’s power or their influence over different things. Can the same apply to humans? If everyone worshipped some guy named Bobby Tim, would Bobby Tim then become more spiritually powerful?

@John_Doe Why hasn’t anyone killed Kim Jong Un with a curse yet? or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi? That may be the reason why. I will say definitely yes.

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What about an animal as well? If this was true worship=power, what is excluded from this? Does it have to be sentient, if it wasn’t already sentient would it become so?

Yes. I would say so. Totem animals and all that. The problem with animals is that it’s not often that you see a dog being worshipped like Kim Jong Un is. Also, how on Earth will an animal use that power? I doubt it would no how. Magick requires focused intent a lot of the time. Animals lack that. I would say that’s also why dictators don’t automatically ascend into godhood. They don’t know what do with their power. All the worship in the world is kinda useless when you don’t know the first thing about casting a spell.

@John_Doe Also, try evoking Kim Il sung. The North Koreans claim he still watches over them. That amount of belief may very well have combined with his soul to create something.

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imagine like a chimp being worshipped, has a lot of spiritual energy being offered to him. He reaches for a banana that is barely out of reach, the frustration helps him focus his will. This has a snowballing effect. Perhaps would a different spirit try to take advantage, giving him intelligence?

Chimps don’t have the mental capacity to consciously cast spells. Without that I don’t think any amount of worship will truly be able to create something that big.

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