Spirits and jungian archetypes

Are spirits and archetypes of collective unconsciousness just words for the same currents or forces?

No I don’t think so… In my worldview, spirits are sovereign beings, archetypes are human symbolic representations of aspects of humanity.

As an analogy, what’s the difference between a unfolding fern leaf and the golden mean? One is a actual leaf, the other is a representation of the simplified maths seen in aspects of the leaf. Jungian archetypes are also simplifications.



The archetypes in Jungian theory are not the mythological beings but rather the mythological beings are masks of the archetypes which seems to be very similar to spirits in hermetic science. Spirits were long before humanity and for what I know angels, demons and gods etc are 10.000 years old, so gods, angels and demons can only be masks of the spirits rather than the spirits themselves.

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Yes, and that’s where I stopped paying attention to Jung. I think the tools he created are useful up to a point, but he’s made the mistake here of pushing an analogy way too far.

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What do you refer to?

You last post:
“the mythological beings are masks of the archetypes”

This is an analogy. It’s not correct, imo, it’s merely a model to explain spirits to an atheist.

Is it not the same with spirits? That angels, demons and gods etc are different masks of the spirits that were shown to people in dreams?

I don’t approach it that way personally, no. There’s a difference between a mask, and not having the skills to communicate wit hour subconscious accurately, which is required for psychic activities including remote viewing, trancework and dream interpretation.

You will have to decide for yourself what you think.