Spirits and Blood

A recent Evocation revealed to me that certain peoples blood is more appealing than others and maybe this could lead to some peoples successes with particular entities?
I find it interesting that it is like us with our favourite food and how we want more of it?
It got me thinking about what the spirit said to me and how far this reaches? is it blood type certain ones like? or some has more life force in it or simply ‘tastes’ better?

What is your experience with this as I would be interested to know


I think it’s the nutrition that affects our blood. I am assuming vegans blood is the favourite :rofl:! Too bad I am a carnivore! hug trees and eat meats

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If anything it would be the vital energy within the individual’s blood. Not the blood type nor what the individual eats. I’d go as far to say certain personalities as well since personality traits can affect energy to a degree. A toxic individual with a toxic personality could have energy that’s pretty toxic.

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