Spirit world in general

Thanks in advance to those who take the time to reply me later on in the thread.

Anyway i have a few questions to know and i am new in this aspect as i have never invoked or summoned any demons or angels but maybe angels but that might be for the far future. my question is on the factions concerning both angels and demon and how they perceive each other and how hell and heaven is truly like as i think some of you guys here might know and what happens after we die, do we instantly get judged and get thrown into hell or heaven or do we get dragged to either both of them or do we have to walk there?

anyway thanks for answering my questions again and again i thank you guys for having me here


There is no punishment after death.
You keep your memories after you die
You have the option to reincarnate
Hell or what I like to call the Infernal realms is not a place of torture but a place where some spiritually enlightened beings choose to go to it is one of many places in the spirit realm.
Daemons and Angels work often together they are not opposites they are both Divine intelligence.
There are my planes to the spirit world and a lot we don’t know about
The heaven I assume you’re thinking of is the Christian heaven and is, unfortunately, a soul trap for the ignorant Your basically destroyed and consumed as energy by a fucked up god pretending to be the Creator of everything when really he is an imposter.

And there is no god Judging you after death you are the master of your domain.
Forget about your religious ties if you have any and start fresh your only dragging your self down.



Thanks for your reply but are there any other being rather than daemons and angels and lets say a person die right now, would he be able to wander around or would daemons fetch him to hell and lets say if he or she went to hell what would it look like or what would be the procedure? i apologise as i am very curious xD and are there any daemons and angels who care about humans?

There are spirits other than angels and demons, yes. Elementals, nature/faerie/animal spirits, etc… I only work with demons, shadow, and void entities, so I can’t tell you much about the others.

I will throw this in here though, there are some demons who do not work with angels at all. These type of demons will also forbid you from interacting with angels. So yes, some factions of demons are adversarial to angels. And no, they are not exclusively JCI(Judaism, Christianity, Islam) demons either. They are in a faction all their own.

As for demons caring about humans: yes and no. Depends on the demon.

Also, here’s some information on hell/infernal realms:



Most demons don’t require a pact to work with them. However, if(and that’s a big if) a demon offers you assistance in exchange for a pact with them, then yes. In order for them to help you, you have to make a pact with that particular demon. A pact is a commitment usually made when the demon has a long-standing, working relationship with you. However, there are exceptions to this. Since you are new, I would recommend against agreeing to any pacts until you are more experienced.

Pacts are very serious commitments. Once you make one, it is advised to never go back on your end of the agreement. Doing so will most likely piss off the demon you made the pact with. This can lead to a variety of consequences that won’t end well for you. If you survive, you may be blacklisted by certain spirits.

There are some demons and fallen angels who are open to you working with angels, faeries, etc… Note: Some. Not all. Talk with the demons about their viewpoints.

Can you describe the sigil in more detail? A few come to mind.

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