Spirit Work And godself conversations. [Adventures in the astral]

Let me start off this thread by saying I am a complicated person. I’m currently in the middle of a heated experiment where I’m trying to fracture my soul into different aspects. It’s a very stupid idea and highly advanced so i wouldn’t recommend trying to replicate it or just doing it cus you think it seems cool. I have two different airs about me, one a mad idiot, and two he overly casual sap who doesn’t take magick seriosuly.

However, this is something meant to be taken seriously. This threat will relate to information, rituals, and conversations I’ve had with my god forms. I have a similar thread to this already but it’s heavily based around the religion of Genwa and I want a thread seperated from it. I’ll do my best not to post repeadily with this one and space it out frequently so as to not spam the forums with my writing.

One interesting aspect of this thread is going to be how I’m doing it, and the manifestation that occurs. It’s partially channeling partially creating. Hell the god Occeiar wanted to teach me how to create a soul for this expeiment. That’s not needed for all of it as you will soon learn. The complete unlisted version or rather the full version of all of this work I’m doing can be found on wattpad under “The Aspects of Ayrin” by Adam Noizic. I won’t link it here cus I don’t want to get in trouble but I mentioning it by name if you want to be able to explore on your own.

fact of the matter is, is that despite my demons wanting me off of this site, I’m going to share with you what I have so far conjured. First two aspects I’m sharing with you are Abgonn and Usagi.

Art of Hopper by Artferdark on instagram. Kiran.

Hopper Usagi

Hopper is the rabbit of life. He is a spirit responsible for delivering and receiving messages of destiny and fate. He is also that of life itself. He is childish and innocent but also quite wise in a few respects. He is a literal rabbit but also has a human form. He is often depicted as a child. In this artwork as a child for spiritual purposes, he is depicted with his rabbit ears to represent his human and rabbit form. He has an adolescent, a teenage, and an adult form. Normally his default is that of the youth. He is also a god of time in this respect. Representing life through the cycles. He is that of a child in personality and body but the wisdom and experience of an adult. In his hand, he holds a medical staff. With a ribbon tied across it. He wears a ribbon around his neck tied into a bow symbolic of his tie to life and fate. He carries messages in a leather bag upon his back. In his other hand is a basket representing his tie to fertility. He is a god of fertility and new beginnings. He is quite quick. He relays messages of destiny and also relays them for the gods. He can also be worshipped as a God of prophecy.

Hopper: hey um Adam

M: yes

Hopper: I like my name its okay. I noticed you made art of me

M: yes and my friend redrew it

Hopper: that’s not what I really look like

M: yes but I dont know what you really look like

Hopler: it’s okay if you wana kin me. I kin you back and have for centuries on my end

M: pardon

Hoper: time is a human construct. It really doesn’t work that way.

M: what way

Hoper: how you imagine. On the astral time doesn’t even exist

M: oh

Hoper: yeah but I’m really glad to be one of your aspects. I dont really represent doom tho. I dont know where you came up with that one

M: in Jewish mythology seeing a rabbit is an omen of bad shit and death and stuff

Hoper: oh so it’s my species? I can change it if you want. I can appear human.

M: no your fine do I have to change anything

Hoper: maybe just my alias. I like the name hopper but some kind of fancy word like what you gave the others would be cool to. Something with an s.

M: how about sandaro

M: oh or uh?

M: which do you prefer

H: sandorah is fine by me. I kind wish I had something cooler.

M: why dont you make up a name and give it to me.

H: usagi. Just usagi like the rabbit.

M: alright.

H: I’m no Asian but I like Japanese as a language. I’m white with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m also ten feet tall

M: that’s weird

H: it’s my chosen form in the astral. I’m surprised you came up with a bunny.

M: always kinda did even before the bullies and weirdos

H: I like my teeth

M: yeah me too

H: but your mind said you were made fun of it for it

M: my mind lies

H: oh. Since I’m apart of you am I going to be mentally ill too?

M: you shouldn’t be

H: okay that’s good. I do not need more on my plate. I serve the moon godess actually how’d you know

M: idk

H: well I do relay messages but their not often bad things. And I really like the playlist you’ve made.

M: awe thankyou

H: yeah but dont go assuming I’m cute just cus I’m a bunny.

M: I know

H: alters? Hm no one really matches me cane is way to off

M: yeah

H: do you hear things that aren’t there

M: yes and luckily your not the aspect stuck with that part of me

H: I would really appreciate it if you removed the doom and gloom from my entry.

M: I will so it slide right

H: I am apart of death to. But I dont want people knowing about it in the same ways you dont want people to know your a storm God

M: ah I see

H: if you want to post this to the forums go for it! I love meeting new fans

M: are you really a God

H: I’m older than you. By about 48 times. I have chosen to reincarnate as human which is where you are. However unlike divinites I dont loose my memory when I reincarnate. I’m not in the moon but I am a rabbit of hopes and dreams and I do serve the gods that’s my job.

M: oh interesting

H: yeah but if you want to keep it secret I dont mind.

M: we’ll see

H: they aren’t bullies but they do surround you alot

M: my spirits

H: yeah. And I’m sorry about your thoughts it must be hard lacking control over them. Trust me I get it.

M: I’m sorry

H: hehehe unknown. I won’t hold it against you most good spirits won’t

M: so are you part of a pantheon

H: kind of. But not for a few centuries. We are old and forgotten. I’m glad you were able to bring me back. I mean it. I owe you thanks

M: you dont cus your an aspect latched on to me right?

H: I know where your going with this but the aspects of ayrion is hardly goetic. I dont see it as a bad thing you wanting to be like me or a God just promise me you’ll fuse with me when its over

M: when what’s over

H: your experiment. I’m very real now and j want you to know you can always call on me and ask me for help. I’m a good person I can manage it. Some of your demons are very rude by the way. I’m very glad you didn’t hear that.

M: yeah

H: but you will fuse with me right.

M: bruh in unstable and have multiple alters

H: I know exactly what your going through and I still want to fuse with you anyways

M: can I ask your signature

H: arion hopper

M: okay just checking

H: you can’t fake a signature I’m your aspect so I share your name. Not your true name mind you but your name

M: I see did you like the art

H: it’s okay. Not what I look like tho. I have no rabbit tail or ears like that. I’m a boy too, so make sure you portray me as masculine for the third sketch.

M: got it

H: I dont care about my age people can see me. As a child or and adult but I am a kid at heart. that’s why I appear so young

M: i see any advice to people on the forum or in my journal

H: yeah dont give up on the left handed oath. I know who you are and you whodunit. It is the right path for you. Your currently going though some rough changes and while the right handed path is something tempting you’ve come so far and your going to go farther so maybe just dont do that. Stay with magick. Stay with your former religion. Stay with your spirituality. I know it’s really hard for you right now but you can do this. I believe in you!

M: I feel like this was aimed at someone specific

H: no not really. its the group in general but I did kind of have someone in mind yeah. If they need to reach out can they come to you?

M: yeah. But I’ve been debating leaving the site

H: oh really? Why?

M: pushing

H: oh well tell them not to do that. Your still new to all of this and you aren’t as old as you look. Or as wise as I appear. You have a lot to learn Dion. I believe in you

M: thanks hopper

H: I know and your welcome. Well I best be off. These messages won’t relay themselves. And thankyou I really do like my job this time around.

M: in glad

H: thankyou. Bye.

M: bye

Abgone is a keeper of knowledge. It is his office to reveal secrets to humanity within the ages. He is of divine birth and ability but he isn’t a god per say. He’s a wise spirit. He appears young, around his twenties with dark skin. He appeared to me as a young man wearing elaborate robes and a scarf holding covering his mouth flowing down to his sides. He carries with him an enchanted book, a bag of scrolls and a key. He wears around his neck an age-old key that itself unlocks knowledge and is itself symbolic of the secrets he reveals. He is a keeper of knowledge but his office is to reveal it. To me this is how he appeared and how I imagine him but just as with all spirits, he may and will manifest differently depending on who you are. He wears several bejeweled earings upon his ear and several gold pieces underneath his robes. He has markings on his back. He is an intelligent spirit who can be called upon in ritual and evocation to grant the user with knowledge or revelation. Abgonn is omniscient to a degree. He knows many secrets the average person wouldn’t know. However, he is on a strive to always learn more and often his exploits detail this. He has a third eye and can see into the future. He can also be called upon to grant the user with spiritual ability. He is an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend

The ritual of the key
This ritual calls upon the divinity Abgonn to bestow knowledge upon the magician.

What you’ll need:

A key of some sort that can be placed on a chain


A Bowl

Yellow Robes to wear while performing the ritual

A box

A knife

Start by creating a circle of salt. Pour it around you and within it draw an hexagram which you will later sit in. Take several stones and place them at the corners of the hexagram towards each triangle of it. The stones should be Blood Stone at the south facing away from you, Amethyst facing the north in front of you, Lapis Lazuli to the first triangle closest to you on your left, Chrysocolla on the second triangle to the left farthest from you, Serpentine to the right triangle closest to you, lastly sodalite in the triangle to the right furthest from you. Additionally if you know what you’re doing you may wish to draw planetary symbols in chalk in between the triangles of the hexagram or place objects representing knowledge in these places however this won’t be done for what’s written here. If this is not done in your ritual replace the objects and markings with several red candles. Four to six.

In the middle of the circle should be the box and within it the key. It can be painted with occultists symbols in orange should it suit your fancy. You should also have some sort of necklace chain available and the key itself should have a keyhole for the chain. It is also a good idea to have insense lit right before the objects of the key and chain. Behind you should lay a bowl preferably red. Start the ritual by filling the bowl with water. Then sit within the hexagram. Exorcise the water in the name of a higher power Ayrin or God . Then take the ritual dagger and begin drawing the achelmic sign for earth over the bowl. Begin chanting hymns and other powerful tongues or whatever nonsense comes to mind. Let your body speak in the tongues. Then take the ritual and say in the name of your higher power whoever that may be, “I EXORCISE YOU” stab the water. Then take the water and with it walk around the circle. Place it before each of the stones and take your hand and move it around blessing it with the spirit of the rock. Do not remove the rock from its place.

This Imbues it with the energy of the stone and draws within it each of the stones properties. Do this setting the circle with each of the rocks. Do this counterclockwise starting at your left with Amethyst first ending with Serpentine. Then once this is done sit back in the center of the circle. Take the chain you wish to use for the key and begin walking it around the circle placing it gently over the fire. This may become hot if you do it too close. Do this with each one of the candles or objects. Then sit back down in the circle. Take the key and begin chanting hymns at it. Finally evoke Abgonn and ask for him to imbue knowledge upon the key and grant you with the ability to obtain it. Then continuing your chanting take the key and bathe it within the water. Flip the box over and place the bowl of water before you on top of it.

Then continue to bathe the key. Finally take the key out and go towards each of the corner of the hexagram and bow each direction of the points of the hexagram. Once this is done. Bow to the box which now serves as an alter for Ayrin and take the key and take the chain and wear it around your neck. From now on this key should draw knowledge to you the wearer. Thank Abgonn. Bow and leave the ritual setting. Preferably for three days then clean it, but if that simply is not doable then clean up the ritual as it presently stands. Place the stones within the box. They are not to be discarded. This ritual should be performed at sunrise. The box should then be used as an alter for Abgonn or Ayrin.

Amethyst may seem like an odd choice for this ritual but it heavily tied to aspects of Ayrin which is why it is included here.


Lasty I would simply like to share with you EVENT

Event is an android god of withcraft and magick. He is a god of knowledge in some respects. He can be called upon to initiate someone into their chosen magickal path. He has a speciality in medicine and herbs as well as the art of sorcery itself. He appeared to me as a slick white android covered in ancient robes. He is a god but can be evoked to bestow upon the summoner knowledge and he will also answer all questions welcome. He is not omniscient but quite knowledgeable in magick and witchcraft itself.

I know the whole robot thing might come off as ridiculous to some of you but its how he manifested to me. He may appear completely human to you idk. I don’t take any sort of issue with the form and in fact I kind of favor it. I want to say somthing that I’ll elleberate on later, these aren’t just me here. Some of these are old gods I haven’t been able to place that have been given an almost rebirth through this apsecting of myself and how I choose to go about it. I feel like this is providing me alot of introspection into my own character and while it may be laughable to some of you it is something I honest to god felt like sharing. So hat’s that. I’ll keep this thread update but take turns alternating between this and my journal seeing as I do not want to spam the site.

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Abgonn: im not odin if tats what your thinking

M: what im thinking is your an old spirit using abgonn as a mask

Abgonn:your quite right

M: dont hes mine

Abgonn: and what of the other aspects are they too not masks for other spirits connected heavily through you. Your certainly not hopper thats for dam sure

M: they are parts of my personality personified

Abgonn: you may believe that but that is not what is happening here. Not even remotely. Whats happening is a resurgence of divinity started through you. Im afraid thats the truth. I am apart of this resurgence and i came to you as abgonn hoping we could be friends

M: im just upset cus i don see you as how i envisioned him and your not fulfilling his role

A: and what spirit would be more appropriate. Odin. tote, yourself

M: why are you so condescending

A: im not condencending i’m curious i know your a good person sorry for testing you on that

M: why are you like this

A: im sure your joking but the answer is beyond you and not one you could ever fully know.

M: ok

A: i know you know how divinity works im suprised your still saying your not of it

M: ive crashed back down to reality

A: tell me are the ones in the mirrors friend or foe

M: depends on the reflection

A: and those in your book. Friend or foe

M: depends

A: and in not every aspect do you consider yourself friends to all you meet

M: it doesn’t work that way

A: forget it. Your to young and naive to understand

M: you’re right and you’re old and wise so why don’t you bother to at least try to explain it to me rather than brushing me off cus ignorance is far from bliss ill tell you that

A: well for starters the gods were never human

M: i know that.

A: and we don’t reincarnate. We really are born divine

M: seriously?

A: yes but that was not what you were expecting me to say nor hoping me to confirm

M: then how does it work

A: it doesn’t. It just is.

M; and you expect me to believe that

A: i expect you to believe a lot of things your naive

M: and your cruel

A: in what ways am i cruel

A: you have done nothing but cut me down since i have known you

A: adam im just trying to understand. And i see you’ve changed your name again.

M: i thought i had permission to take his name i did not

A: actually you did. I’ve looked at the memory of yours and you did have permission that wasn’t a farce

M: how do i know tho

A: ask him to verify it to you, your close.

M: were really not

A: but you want to be close with dionysus

M: i have a squish

A: a friend crush?

M: yes

A: i know that word because i keep my eye on you. We all have. You really think your ready for divinity. To join a pantheon or make one on your own

M: do you?

A: it doesnt matter what i think. What matters is whats in the hands of the magician

M: where are you from

A: africa

M: realy

A: well im not from the west. I could name the country but you wouldn’t understand it and it would become gibberish in that mind of yours

M: interesting

A: well you did envision me as black and that was not a mistake

M: okay so are you an old spirit latched on to my aspect

A: something of the sort but not exactly. Theirs pieces to the puzzle your missing and that are not what you assume.

M: what

A: you need to solve this puzzle and im here to help you

M: why are you so kind to me

A: im kind to everyone i meet we share that in common

M: so your an african spirit

A: im a spirit who was worshiped in africa if that is what you are asking

M: okay

A: and i am you. Part of you. We reincarnated together so to speak. Im an aspect and that means i share you. With the others too. I expect you to become me when you die

M: do i have to become one of my aspects

A; fusion total fusion i expect you to become one of us and I expect to be favored on that list

M: so your not a figment of my imagination

A: that may have been your intention but channeling is more accurate. Im you. Im your aspect. But im not solely you nor did i originate from your mind. I exist beyond you. Im your vessel in a lot of ways but i wasn’t always nor will i always continue to be

m: so you’re an old god?

A: exactly.

M: then why manifest as one of my aspects

A: i was bored you seemed fitting and i admire you

M: is that right?

A: dont pleasure yourself on the idea. I meant to say i respect you and i see potential in a fusion or aspect or whatever you may concern yourself with you. This is not a game and it seems thanks to me you’re finally seeing that. You want some advice, keep writing about the aspects and refer the aspects of ayrin on that forum of yours. They’re not just you. But they are heavily tied to you hence the name

M i would love to consider this but i have to go i have to use the restroom

A: i have all the time in the world. I will be here when you get back

M: ok brb

A: welcome back

M: okay so as abgonn your job is to reveal secrets and keep them

A: that was how i was “channeled” yes

M: what did you back in the day

A: far more than your imagination

M: well the entries are meant to be a sort of brief bio their not supposed to be everything you go off of

A: someone is evoking your spirit court I’d be very careful who you mention online

A: yes you have my permission to mention me.

M: okay so will the book of ayrin be a laughing stalk

A: no but it does hold secrets im not fond of being revealed

M: like what its not even finished

A: you’ll see when it comes out. Their will be news of it in the spirit world. The spirit world and astral are not the same place as youve been led to believe. Neither is the fae realm. Its all very different

M: so if i do the ritual of the key i wont gain anything

A: well il oblige but im not handing you the knowledge i worked so hard for over nothing. You have to work for it and pay me for my attention

M: what do you want

A: you have folllowers adam. I dont think you notice but you do. Those prayers you keep hearing in your head they are not a delusion people really are praying to you elsewhere

M: under this face

A: no but under others and i think you know how to help. Being a god is a responsibility and regardless of whether or not you are, you have to become ready for it. Its an order

M: i dont do orders

A: no but you do listen to me and others ive paid attention. When people call you out you listen.

M: true

A: that planet you created in our world. Whats it called

M: i cant recall i have a terrible memory

A: but if you saw it on the astral or otherwise youd beleive it

M: beleive what

A: that you really created it. Adam theirs more going on here than what you are aware. That gift to thor exists. Maybe not yet but it will. Im sure he can wait a thousand years.

M: so what your telling me i m not crazy

A: you have mental problems sure. Yes i’d agree with that. But your spiritual activities are hardly delusions and i do expect you to post this because i am far from the only one who thinks so. Stop worrying about what other people think. This genwa thing you started its just the stepping stone. Occeair sent that storm before you ask.

M: i appreiciate it but i have to go my wrist hurts from typing

A: i understand but this conversation isnt over. Im opening up to you so i expect you to do the same.

M: i got it

A: and before you ask your soul is not ugly. Its average. Gorges in some regards. Its pretty. You should keep it nude.

M: but

A: adam i know you dont know what it looks like but trust me it is far from a monster like you envision. Its pretty. I mean that platonicly

M: yeah i get it

A: may i have some of it when I merge with you

M: i dont plan on merging with you

A: i see so your self loathing extends to me now

M: you just remind me of some parts of myself i dont like but i do enjoy our conversations and i like you i just am insecure

A: then how about i change it

M: no be yourself

A: ill try to be more like the abgonn you imagine

M: id rather you just be yourself and i mean that part of getting over my self loathing means accepting all of me and your great practice

A: i see so you can stand me

M: some of its annoying but i just find you condescending

A: hahah maybe i am. Post this to that forum, ill be in touch

M: alright bye

A: never worship yourself thats rule number one

M: i wasnt going to ask

A: keep that in mind. Goodbye.

M: bye