Spirit Vs Soul

My recent workings with the Qlipoth as well as the Qayinite system have revealed to me something rather profound. Everyone and everything has a soul. But not everyone has Spirit. All magicians of every Path have spirit, but some have stronger spirits than others. And not everyone who is spiritual has spirit. Some atheists have it. And when you have spirit, you can strengthen it or squander it, causing it to shrivel up and disappear. Most people who have spirit have a very powerful energy when compared to those that do not have spirit and instead only have the clay born soul.


Hm fascinating.

How would you define spirit? How would you define soul?


Somebody really needs to answer this.:point_down:

What is the difference.

I believe the soul is what you are and not something that you have. And spirit is something that you have, and it depends on the state of the soul, mind, karma etc.


Sure, but then can we really the beings we work with “spirits?” Why not call them souls because that’s what they are?


They are not,
They need worship, sacrifice, offerings, attentions, etc.
The soul is all, it need’s no energy from outside source but itself is the source of all that there is.

The spirit, doesn’t need a soul,
I was talking about human’s spirit and how one’s state of soul can affect the strength/weakness of one’s spirit.

For other spirits (souless, egregores)
It depends on their state of mind, and how they are perceived(by souls), and how they are fed.


Interesting distinction.

They dont need it, but it helps them gain platform on this plane of existence. I’ve been evoked personally, and had a blood sacrifice made to me. I didnt need but it certainly made me feel better.

As for the topic, I believe this:

To @Baal, I dont think we should call them spirits as that isn’t what they are, but the term is old and has probably come from other languages with no better description


I don’t even know how to refer to them anymore, brother. I was using “spirit” just to see how Op and defective would classify them.

We can call them aliens like JoS does ;). Aliens’ a pretty modern term!


I usually use entities personally, brother. Just feels right to me, as that can describe pretty much anything from space aliens to JoS aliens.

But I do agree, its hard to know what term to call them. Beings is another I’ve used as its neutral.


That’s partially true,
They do need it to survive!
Else they’d just reside in our collective unconsciousness, and even then they’d need something, like memories or thoughts about them, else they’d poof out of existence.

Only Anthropomorphic Personifications don’t need attention in the traditional way, because of the fact that they embody abstracts!

Yes, you did not need it, but egregores, who are like dream characters (universe being the dream of the soul) need it!!
You don’t need worship either, but that too would make you feel better and powerful.

You are right, whatever the kind of being one is,
One should be respected if they deserve it.

I call them egregores to remind myself and to them, who the real boss (god) is. Puny mortals huh??

They don’t think highly of humanity,
And I don’t think highly of them.

The difference is,
Our thoughts matter.

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@DefectiveSoul Again, you are making claims with NO EXPERIENCE to back them up. You yourself have admitted that you haven’t evoked a single entity. Come on, this is just unsubstantiated dogma that you are presenting as absolute Truth without having evoked a single entity.


Don’t you think you are assuming a little way too much?!?!?

When did I ever say such a thing?!?!?
I have shared my experiences on this forum (and some I don’t wish to)

And again you assume magic(some ritual) is the only way to have an experience.

In fact, (Even EA said this), when you do the evocation, the worst thing to do is to think it did not work as then you have that force, uncontrolled, doing shit.

Whatever you say,
I find this ironic.

Anyways this isn’t about me,
I just mind my own business now on this forum.
No replies!!

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@DefectiveSoul I am not assuming anything. Only repeating your own words back at you.


And that means I have no experience in life with the supernatural, spirits, etc???


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@DefectiveSoul So, if you have no experience with magick why are you making dogmatic claims about it and presenting them as absolute Truth? You have stated in other threads that what you say is the truth and you haven’t practiced magick by your own admission.


I am with @TheStorm on this one. If you haven’t evoked or spoken to a single entity, you can’t make claims about them. Period.

Also, the collective unconscious doesn’t exist. It’s a BS theory that has no evidence to back it up. It’s accepted by most “scientific minded” people because a popular person coined the term - Carl Jung.



As always, have you tried to go there? I am not entirely sure it doesn’t exist because I think I might have dropped into it a few times. That is not a claim as to the existence or lack of existence of the Collective Unconcious just that I have my doubts about it’s nonexistence.


I am too cool for school.

I said I won’t ever discuss anything on this forum and just mind my own business.


I have. It’s my OWN unconscious. The symbols there are meaningful to me. Other people interpret symbols from their unconscious differently. There’s no such thing as “collective unconscious.” Sure, there may be overlaps, but it’s ultimately different.

Also, not all people function the same way.


@Baal How do you explain being able to walk into someone else’s dream then? I am genuinely curious.