Spirit vessels/spirit keeping

I have seen a lot of jewellery online that has a spirit inhabites it, a ritual is performed for you befor you buy it. I wanted to know the do’s don’ts of spirit vessels, bonding with one or a few different types of spirits. Is it dangerous or harmful in any way, is it worth doing?
Is there any downside or reason why it might not be for everyone, does it requires a lot of energy or magical experience/power?
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A lot of spirit keeping is questionable, the spirit doesn’t inhabit the jewelry atleast a lot of spirit keeping claims, but back then they were forced into the jewelry of the magician. Now you have spirit keeping basically going “Oh the spirit really wanted to be bonded to you so they agreed”

So to answer depends on who does it that it can be harmful on both sides, it’s in my opinion not worth it, if you make a genuine bond a tool/jewelry isn’t required.


Okay, thank you for explaining, it’s helpful and I’m grateful for the information.

In order to understand what you are asking for, energy needs to have a certain degree of intelligence, thus any object used with intention gets that “servitor” conciousness, it’s like a passive enchantment, a concept that as far as I know is more common in Eastern cultures such as the Japanese one. This works specially well if a lot of entities passed through the object, for example if you contacted a lot of spirits of the same kind with the same tarot deck. EA mention this in one of his books (can’t remember which one) and also does Aleister Crowley in a more obscure way in “Magick in Theory and Practice”, when he mentions that tarot cards have mercurial intelligences. Thus I don’t see the need of putting spirits inside things when you can make them spiritual by yourself

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Is it similar to creating or using a amulet, talisman or conduit then?

It’s just attaching programmed energy to the object


One thing to be cautious about buying spirits from others is they may be parasites in disguise, one of our fellow members discovered this himself. He bought some spirits from Creepyhollow, I think 2 maybe 3 were legit others were parasites.


@Tala_Amaris Is there a recommended place to buy spirits from? A place that can be trusted?

Be very wary of creepy hollows unless you know who’s actually conjuring, there have been legit spirits from there and fakes. I did get a spirit from, pagan shop online, I had the supposedly high up spirit that serves King Belial vetted by Lucifer. He ran like a little bitch and before that was trying to possess me.
Dark Kingdom Magickals I got an incubus conjured for me, he’s been vetted by a few people and helped protect me from the spirit, the pagan shop online sent.