Spirit trying to contact me through dream?

So yesterday I had a pretty bizarre dream. I was on my way to school and happen to come across an old schoolmate of mine she had red hair and for some reason I told her that I feel good around her then I asked who she is and she said her name is Alaina Huffman. Then I suddenly appeared in my bed. I said Alaina Huffman and my body started having a weird feeling like a tingling of sorts, a baby appeared out of nowhere and flew around my room.

It rarely occurs that I remember a name so vividly like I did Alainas so I googled her and she’s an actress that played Abaddon on Supernatural. I know this sounds fucking stupid but is this a spirit or maybe even Abaddon trying to get in touch with me?


Could be. Or it could be just a dream.

I’d contact Abaddon and ask if he was trying to talk to you.

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