Spirit tried to kill me

A little back story I was an black magician as a teenager and then became Christian for years and now I am back on this path. I no longer believe in Christianity.

I made a pact with Lucifer. He told me during the ritual that respect and trust had to be earned and I sealed our pact with 3 pricks on my finger.

When I got home I took my dog for a walk. I got in the theta gamma sync because I was bored and before me appeared a dark angel with a white face with multiple faces moving in every direction and he had horns. He wore black pants and gold boots. His wings were big. He never turned to me he just kept walking and I followed him. Along the way a kid was riding his bike. This demon stopped turned to the child put his right hand forth and I saw black energy going straight into his head. He turned back and kept walking. He was giving me small lessons along the way. At this point I thought Lucifer had sent him to guide me because I had asked him for guidance through out the day. As we got home he walked up my stairs and straight into my room and sat on my bed and told me to sit down. He asked me to tell him all my problems and I did and he helped me resolve all of them and said he had to go. I asked his name and he said “I am Azazel” and departed through the ceiling. He told me to scry earlier so I started as soon as he departed. A couple of minutes into it I feel this dark black energy descend right next to me. It felt like a whirlwind of complete hatred and anger. I felt it growing. It was fucking powerful. I started shaking and I completely froze.

I knew this thing was going to harm me and then he appeared. It was the same spirit that walked with me for an hour and talked to me. His face moving in every direction right in my face yelling at me with a thundering voice saying he is going to kill me and make my heart stop. I could feel his energy pierce my entire being. I could’ve called on Jesus to save me. I felt complete regret for coming back to this path I thought he wanted revenge and I got tricked. I immediately stood up and did the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and I felt him leave. I then cleared the whole house with charged water and commanded every spirit and energy that is uninvited to leave. I felt peace. I trusted in myself and the powers of magic to protect me. Not the Christian god.

This morning Lucifer told me it was a test to see how dedicated I was. What a relief… Then I remember “respect and trust has to be earned”


I was going to say, this is a test. Unfortunately I failed once this test 5 years ago, I had something dark manifest into my room from closet physically.
So I called on Jesus cause i was a Christian at the time. So the smokey thing left when I did so.

Now when I feel a presence depends on my mood. Sometimes I am standing there like " do something, I got nothing to lose" and I feel this tall being behind me following me around won’t do a thing.
Sometimes I growl at it and I am about to tackle it. And I say " I am the master of my own reality" I would rather die on my feet then on my knees in fear.
Sometimes if I am calm I charge my self with enrgy and I start blasting left and right.

Depends on my mood after I left the religion but calling on Jesus won’t work for me no more, I think, after all the blasphemy and turning people away from him and consider him a parasite.
Well not really Jesus but more of yahweh.

I believe Jesus was a magician an ascended master. And the jesus in the Bible I consider him a parasite an engregor that feeds off human.


Thanks for sharing your story. The difference is I could feel his energy piecing my body and enter into my heart and my heart started getting slower and slower as he was shouting in my face telling me he is going to kill me. I really believe if I chose the Christian god instead of myself and the powers of magic I would’ve died that night without a doubt.

I know for a fact it was azazel because when he first appeared I was thinking “this is a big boy” as in powerful demon. Next to me on either side were two demons in black armour and their armour was clanking as they took each step and I felt thousands and thousands of spirits around me as well. There’s no doubt in my mind this was azazel. Super powerful. Coming to test me which either meant life or death.


Thank you for sharing your story.

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I dont understand, theres absolutely no issue in calling Jesus, he removed parasites from me in the past.

and ive even worked with him and Lucifer together.

but in your case I agree that Lucifer had tested you

on a side note, ive never worked with Azazel


I believe there are two Jesus, the engregor from the Bible the ascended master or magician.
You may be more connected to the ascended master.
Alot of people make the connection to yahweh and shit starts to go crazy like it did to me.
After prayers I would try go to sleep and someone was entering my bedroom would scare me from my sleep by calling my name awhile I was living alone.
It would breath on me, walk around in my bed and I would feel the solid movement as almost as someone jumping around in your bad as you trying to sleep.
I even got dragged by my legs out of the bed.
And seen manifestations and had growling, and list could go on.

I believe that this could have been actually yahweh or Jesus attacking me so that they get more preyers out of me.

At this moment I do not call upon anyone to protect me, last time I dealt with two entities by myself by shooting light out of my hands into them and I sent them running.
Or i stand my ground and show no emotion and just observe to see if i may need to get in defensive mode my self.

I believe that if you make contact with the ascended master Jesus the one that teaches you to be a God your self other beings won’t care.
But if you go to the Jesus in the Bible the ones that Demonized the ancient Gods well then it could be a problem in some way.


jesus never worshipped yahweh imo


Jesus doesnt do that in my opinion, and i doubt Yahweh does it either tbh


the bible jesus is in the new testament, in my opinion nothing to do with yahweh, ive worked with jesus, in my opinion hes real good, ive also worked with yahweh, and hes been real good too, at least to me


fuck Jesus fuck the bible fuck religion

i dont get your response, ive already stated ive worked with him and lucifer together, believe what you will, but at least respect other points of view


I found that most people have different experiences with Beings of dark or light.
Like I heard a woman’s complains that one of the Archangels try to molest them while others come and say thank you for protection to the same being.

I got nothing against yahweh or Jesus in the Bible I view them as haveing their own personality and they do whats in their nature and I some what respect that.
I even have respect for the lower vibration beings, some evolve some stick to feeding off others :man_shrugging:
I dont care, I don’t even tho blasphemy anymore.
I just focous on my path and if any Spirit would like to help me grow spirituality then so be it.
As long as the spirit knows and its cool with me Standing before him or herself as a God and I refuse to worship ever again.

I will go take a shower now, I will be back. I wana see of I can find the youtube video very interesting.
A Satanist that was powerful but he claims that Satan made him worship him and curse pregnant womans so that the baby dies inside their belly.
Then Jesus came and guess what? He asked to worship him and this dude know he Praises Jesus and worship him.
Dude was in pain as a child and wanted to get love.

My conclusion is that both of those spirit Jesus or Satan for him was the same being and took advantage of him.
By breaking him down, then shape-shifting to something That could fully gain his trust.
If Jesus truly loved him, he would teach him the way of the universe and have him become a God.
But know he approached him and told him to follow him or worship him.

I dont think that was the real Satan I just have a strong feeling

While others know Lord Satan would tell you to worship no one but your self.

Others encounter Satan and tells them to worship him.
This can be a being that is an impostor trying to pretend his Satan. trying to feed.

I will see of I cand find the video after my shower.
It’s very interesting.


by Satan, you mean Satan right? not Lucifer, they are not the same in my opinion and experience

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I found the video. @StrengthenedWarrior
I will come back and give you my personal believe about this video.

No they are not the same being. In my belief

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yeah i think i know that guy, he used to practice Santeria if im not mistaken, thats got nothing to do with Satan worship lol

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Why is this your response to someone who has had good luck with Jesus? Just because you have bad memories associated with these spirits gives you no right to just say ‘fuck them’ when another practitioner is sharing their experience.


He said he became one of the high rank devil worshiper.
And he sold his soul to the devil.
At min 3:10
True got nothing to do with actual Satan because most people that encounter Satan they say that he doesn’t make you worship him.

This guy goes on saying he would soul travel and “talk to the devil all night” he would be given assignment to drink animal blood and curse others in neighborhood.
He says he got satanic scars that had been carved on his body.

He said he did all this because no one loved him

And then out of no where in 1999 Jesus came to his house.
This dude was in hell trying to find his way out.

So he has a blast with out of body experiances and then he wants out.
When his in hell he says he is running through gates trying to find his way out.
Then Jesus shows up in hell to save him.
He says he gave his life to "lord Jesus christ "

Can you analyze what is happening here?
Can you tell?
All this events happen around religion area believe

First this dude is in pain then an entity comes and shows him attention then when he wants out an other being comes and shows him different love.

I believe this could be yahweh messing with him.
Took advantage of his pain and told him what he wanted to hear.
The devil and Jesus in this story is the same being.
The devil told him he took him as a son and when he wants out Jesus shows up and manages to make this guy to give his life to him.

There is a saying: “from the frying pan into the fire”

And not one of this beings thought this guy that when you seek love, the most important love is to search with in and love your self.

This dude gave his life to Jesus at young age when he craved his attention then he came as the devil then came as the light to fully gain his trust.
All this events were around the religion believe.

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you??

Some people have really good encounters with Satan and teaches them about to worship no one but yourself.

While those that worship "the devil " i this is the same devil from the Bible.
Think about this. If there was never evil or devil religion could not sell or give away their system. They need the devil.

In my opinion

Devil worshipers are still worshipping the Bible if they do not worship them self”!!

  • Seek love from your self.

  • Worship your self.

Buddha also said:

trust no one, but your self, even if you see me do not trust me

Holy shit i can’t believe that came out of me, I think somebody is speaking through me and its accurate in my opinion :sweat_smile:

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?


I don’t believe it’s Yahweh, but maybe a stupid parasite


Yes I understand

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