Spirit Touch and Intense Visualization

At night spirits usually come and caress me to sleep. They mostly touch the backs of my hands and wrists. It’s really calming and soothing.

Sometimes before I fall asleep though I do some heavy visualization work and sometimes soul travel… It seems like the spirits stop touching my hands when I’m focused on visualization, though, and I’m not sure why, but then when I finish the work, they slowly return to touching me.

Any idea why this could be? :thinking:


Hands have energy centres, could be they’re stimulating those?


ohh yeah i hadnt thought of that! :open_mouth:

do you think maybe their touch isnt perceptible when i’m engaged in visualization cuz I’m drawing power from my hands? :thinking:

Hard to guess really, could be. Maybe run a scan inside them and see if there are any knots and blockages?