Spirit to teach professional jiu jitsu and muay thai

I have a list to go with moloch for bodybuilding.

In what spirit should I go to learn muay thai and jiu jitsu from scratch at an expert level?I don’t need a spirit to motivate me to do this I need a spirit to teach me, I need a spirit to teach me how to work like a maniac, skill and strength.

One thing I forgot was that an alchemy book taught us how to control our adrenaline, can you link that book?

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I may be wrong here, but wasn’t it Lucifer who taught men how to use their body as a weapon?
You may want to try/conduct research on Lucifer.
It’s just the first thing that came to my mind.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Mars spirit called Sartmulu. He’s great.

@Milliter_Tengri If I understand correctly you want a spirit to teach you the techniques of Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu? If so that’s something I’ve never heard of before. Martial “Arts” as well as Bodybuilding are a Science. Given, body mechanics and physical structure are unique to the individual, the techniques are the same. It’s the same with bodybuilding, energy balance, progressive overload and nutrition fall under certain laws like thermodynamics.

Take what I say or discard it, but have you ever thought about creating Sigils and charging them through trial and ordeal? For instance when I go to failure on a set I stare and put all of my energy into that sigil when my body feels like it’s going to dissipate. It’s the same if I’m working rounds with Bas Ruttens combination cds. I put that same sigil up on my heavy bag. It’s the same with my nutrition I stare at my sigil and repeat the Mantra I’ve created to form the sigil in my mind. And when I do my weekly weigh in, at the morning of before I step on the scale, I destroy the Sigil.

And the process starts over when I plan my next week. I write my goals and intentions, create a sigil from it and repeat.


Why not call upon the spirits of the founders of the arts?

@Milliter_Tengri I edited my previous comment to expound on my suggestions. But, knowledge is out there, techniques are available. Dynamic Striking produces a series by David Leduc, Lethwei is like Muay Thai with Headbutts. You could learn those techniques and just repeat them over and over till you master them.

I don’t know where you are but nearly every area has a BJJ school. Throw yourself in the fire. By just showing up and taking a class you can’t escape, you can’t ponder and over analyze. You can’t do anything but Jiu-Jitsu. Be a student, a beginner, a novice, and through trial and ordeal before you know it, an expert is what you become through repetition and knowledge.

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I want the spirit that will make me a professional fighter with maximum strength and train for 6 8 months like in the movie Creed 2.

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Marquis Leraje or Martian spirit Sartmulu from Konstantinos book. Both would be perfect.


amazed will teach you mastery of any and every martial art that exists to human kind…I have my 3rd degree acknowledged by in Jujitsu the traditional Japanese tradition…and Have inquired about occult martial arts and something cool came just from asking Azazel about a topic regarding self defense and war tactics…so if you can evoke spirits.
Azazel is the watcher who taught mankind how to make chain mail Armour and manipulate metal into swords and blades.
as well as he helped women cultivate their cosmetics and use make up to augment and enhance their beauty and individuality.
each watcher had to accommodate to mankind’s ability or rather capability to learn. polarities in this case is something we have adopted and can’t let go of.
a few thousand years ago the creative and destructive aspects from each spirit could been seen as balance or harmony.
I feel now as we as a species awaken to our true potential that we can learn in many different ways as long as the totality is acceptable when applying and relating to a newly learned subject.
sorry to pontificate…look up AZAZEL and go from there…evocation is necessary if you want to learn directly from the spirit in conversation form. get used to being in trance even walking and moving around without breaking your trance frequency is a tough feat to overcome first. but I won’t discourage any learning. good luck.


Yeah man you’re so right here. That’s sweet bro.


I will do 3 months of advanced hard muay thai training All I want is a coach who will have complete control over me after 3 months of development I want this coach to be a top spirit.

Occult Martial Arts and learning Martial arts in the temporal via spirit communion is entirely new to me. I learned a lot today lol. Personally I have never gained anything in my life except through trial and ordeal.