Spirit to Mack on Women

Which spirit would one use to INVOKE a smooth air of confidence and gift of gab in talking to / flirting with women at a bar or night club? And would partial possession (in which both you and the spirit are in control) be suitable for such a purpose or would it be best left a solo activity?

Well, what personal experience have you had working with invocation or partial possession so far?

Lilith is a good option here, sitri can also work and gremory is also a sound option. Obviously it’s important to be fairly experienced before attempting this, and getting to know your chosen spirit will also help.

Invoke the spirit of James Bond.

In 2013 when I gave up drinking and drugging for 7 months i felt indwelt by a subtle yet noticeable spirit that gave me power. My personality was different, I was more confident and I spoke eloquently, I was a changed man or so I thought. Once I started drinking / going out again the spirit power left me which It said it would do if I started drinking again and it did, never to return. Now I could just say it was the pink cloud effect but it was more: having cold hands in church, floating feelings like i was walking on air, prolificly enhanced writing ability, being afraid that others could sense my indwelling spirit, among other things