Spirit to help overcome inner agression?

I have a lot of agression deep inside. I hold it and hide it to not make stupid things. I tried to meditate, tried to face my fears, tried accept my mistakes. But when I look inside myself I’m drowning in these feelings of agression and destruction. It’s just a dark.

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A few I’m aware of:
Furfur- releasing anger
Kamael- Also releasing anger
Sitri- Not what he’s best known for, but some sources attribute soothing feelings of anger as one of his capabilities
Nachliel- Emotional soothing in general

From memory I think one of the genius spirits is good for this sort of thing too, can’t remember which one though.


You need to let it out a little bit. The reason you are angry is you are unhappy with your current life. Use that anger to push you towards the life you want. Ignoring will only make it worse and you will eventually blow up on someone for the smallest of things.



Weirdly enough, Glasya-Labolas and Azazel helped me with this. Glasya-Labolas was the one who pointed my temper out and how it was counterintuitive for me. Azazel helped me to find a method of working it out. He wouldnt allowe to walk away from anything. Bad memories, fears, etc he put it right in my face and told me to deal with it. I got into thr habit of taking those emotions or memories and putting them in a box (in my mind space) and burning it/punching it/ annihilating it ← whichever felt the best in the moment. Then repeat until it had little to no effect on my temper. It has calmed me down a lot. Hope that helps. Best of luck.