Spirit to find a safe/good place for evoation/burning incense

Hey guys, I have been trying hard to find a place to burn copal resin where no one would notice or care so I can do evocations. I cannot do so at home cuz of smell and smokiness and asking people around seems like a long shot. Can I just do some magick to help me find asuitable place like a friend randomly letting me use his garage or something?
Is there a spirit I can call on to help me with this endeavor?

Maybe one of you awesome people can do an evocation or a working to help me with this because my attachement to the outcome is too strong.

Do you have any space outside like a screened in porch, I had the same problem and family with sinus problems. So I found that it was quite nice to do Evocation outside at night under the moon and stars just took a few times to get into the right frame of mind to not worry about anyone else next doors to bother me.