Spirit to change people's opinions

Friends, I cannot remember what entity E.A. Koetting reccomended for changing people’s opinions about one’s self. In this particular case I need a spirit who would change a foe into someone amiable.

Here’s some notes I took from one of EAs vids:

9 Demonic Kings

Masters of Influence
Baleth (Manipulates emotions) - Inspire a person or organization to feel a certain way about an individual. Can cause love between men and woman. Can influence individuals the magician comes across to feel strongly towards him.
Paimon (Manipulates thoughts) - Influences the minds of others (people will comply with your will)
Belial (Demon of Self-governance) - Influence/Manipulate situations. Can influence authority figures such as a court judge. An obvious upcoming test for this.

Knowledge Bearers
Balam - Point vision, knowledge of what happened at a certain time, place, etc.
Vini - Overcome obstacles. Overcome obstacles in one’s life.
Purson - Can teach one to create “something from nothing.”

Physical & Alchemy
Zagan (Master of deceit, alchemy, concealment & illusion) - Should one ever need a project or event to be concealed from the public or anyone at all. Prevent people from coming across information in the “web of consciousness.” Can make one “invisible” to a degree, allowing one to remain unseen in crowds, and similar circumstance. It allows one to blend in with the masses and not to appear as special or eminent in any way.
Bael (Master of invincibility & invisibility) - Can create “energetic critical mass around one to prevent harm from coming to the magician. Can even prevent physical attacks.
Asmoday (Revealer of secrets) - Deliver one’s innermost secrets to the magician. Secrets of power, secrets of godhood, secrets of spiritual ascent. Can manipulate emotions of others similarly to Baleth.


Thank you so much, Illustrious! In the end, and because the situation was somewhat urgent, I went with Valefor because he gains the friendship of criminal oriented characters (had a run in with people of that kind, roughed up one, worried that he might decide to retaliate by bringing tons of friends and turning his loss into something bigger).

Thank you, I will add this to my notes.