Spirit to bring recognition and envy

I know it doesn’t matter at the end of the day what people think. I still think though it would be nice to have everyone around me. Not a specific group of people but people I socialize with in general, to show recognition for the things I do and maybe feel a little envious for me😂now I know that’s very egotistical to some. But it’s nice when someone finally recognizes you for the work you do in all things in life lol.

Any spirit I’m willing to experiment here as well and contact someone from a different pantheon besides the goetia, if I’m allowed to call them ofc for whatever reason.

Goetia spirits are always welcomed too! lol. I love how I can always turn to the goetia and know they will help me.

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Belial and Gusoin essentially create a glamour of palpable power around you that will leave your friends and enemies in awe of you.

Or you could create your own spirit to do it for you.

In “Goetia Pathworking”, Marbas (to cast glamour), Oso also called Ose (to give you an aura of ability).

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