Spirit to assist in an interview

Pls what spirit/entity does a perfect job in interview to favour one? thank you.

I have heard others say Belial is good in this instance ,for those he works with.

Bune also maybe if it for financial reasons. I used Bune successfully for getting a house I wanted so why not try?


duke dantalion


King Paimon
Acheron, Angel of Influence


Queen Astaroth, her name just came to mind here.

I can also second King Paimon and King Belial.

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Read that a curse is placed on anyone who uses pirated copy of Gallery of magick book. how true and effective is that?

when I tried to purchase the book, I get this response- ‘Due to copyright restrictions, the Kindle title you’re trying to purchase is not available in your country/region: Morocco’.

When you first evoked him did he “dispel all darkness, fear and trepidation.” as the books said.?

To whom do you refer?


“Divine peace is left with the Summoner after the Angel has departed”

Oh, yes. His aura is very peaceful. It remained with me for a day following the evocation.

thanks i just wanted to know what that meant

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