Spirit that helps with anxiety/agoraphobia?

I have the most dreadful anxiety/agoraphobia which has left me entirely housebound for the last year plus. Tried everything from therapy to medication. I just want to be able to do the simple basic things again. Go shopping, visit family, go out with friends. Is there a way of helping this magically? Thankyou.


Have you looked into drawing up your own sigil? Ive found sigils to be surprisingly effective and very easy to do


Yep its called love. Maybe if you find the right person they will have a calming effect on you. Are you a Scorpio? If not I bet the moon sits predominately in your chart. I would be very interested to know what sign and house it sits in. Nothing wrong with taken meds. I may have taken a Xanax or Clonazepam or ten in my time. Possibly with a couple of beers. Anyways maybe evoking spirits and doing certain types of magick might be more harmful than good for you. Meditation and reiki massage might be helpful for you. Now people have been raving about anxiety and unbalanced chakras for like 20 years or more so I’m just gonna snatch something random off the interweb for ya anxiety and chakras and whatnot Now once you understand chakras a bit you should be able to move on to practicing reiki to help with your anxiety reiki for anxiety and whatnot Maybe this is not what you had in mind when you said magick. Actually magick is the unseen sister of science. Anything that cannot be proven via the principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration yet seems to work on a regular basis is probably magick. Things falling into the category of magick cannot be scientifically proven or unproven and yet they seem to follow scientific rules pretty well. So yeah reiki is actually magick but some people who have studied reiki all their life’s might disagree and go as far as to say magick ain’t even real. There may be some sigils and some spells that might help you however we might note that magick has taken many a sane person and made them crazy. You don’t really need a sledgehammer to drive in a finish nail anyways. Here is an easy fix and yeah you can classify it as magick. Buy some reiki candles. Probably Crown chakra candles would help you a lot. It might be worthy to note that if meds don’t help you then you probably have a bad doctor. Hell you can even get tranquilizers like hydroxyzine for anxiety but you know barbiturates likeXanax or Clonazepam usually calm most people down :wink:. In a lot of states you can get medical marijuana prescriptions for anxiety. Hey that’s like magick right there. Some people tweak out on sativa but medical is usually a hybrid of indica and sativa. The indica kinda tranquilizes you and the sativa energizes you and makes you mentally stimulated combined they make social interaction easier. You like seriously need a doctors supervision and whatnot though. I really don’t get why meds do not work on you unless your doctor is a dork wad who prescribes anti depressants like prozac that actually make things worse. Study medicine a bit its not too different from herbal-ism really. Find a pill that you think might be a chill pill for ya. I mentioned the ones people enjoy the most already. Now if you have certified and documented panic disorder I bet you could easily get Diazepam aka Valium prescribed. That’s like the holy grail for us people with anxiety problems :wink:. If so we should like hang out sometime and has some beers. Hopefully no one thinks Iam too off topic talking about medicine and herbal-ism in a magick forum. The occult is the study of things unseen and how herbs and medicines effect the mind can be really helpful as has been heavily documented by very serious authors etc. I do not think you really have a problem its more like you just have not stumbled upon a good solution. You need to find a doctor who will write prescriptions for medicines that actually work. You do not need a shrink to mess your head up any worse. Psychologists make a living by making sure you stay mentally unstable. ANy doctor can write a prescription for the medicines I have mentioned here. You just go to one and tell them what you need. It’s like that easy :sunglasses:. Enjoy.

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There’s a lot of work to do with all kinds of neurosis. Magic is more a boost in this case but yet can be very powerful.

I had a very intense neurosis too and I understand how hard life seems to be a nuisance in this state. But it’s really all in your mind - not in reality. And what will be helpful to you is more control of your false/fear based beliefs and emotions. (of course sounds fucking easy but it’s not and we know it) And you need an awakened power within - a desire for goal, that your mind will more concentrate on this and not on thoughts/fears when you’re outside the home.

If the doctor has prescribed you medication take them and use magic/spirits as a boost.
I would recommend Archangels than demons - Archangel Raphael and Miguel/Michael.
Raphael is for healing so, he can take a look at your nerves and calm your emotions and your state. Michael can restore your power and desire for goal - this is very important, because your will is the key.

You want to visit the family? - You can do this.
You want to go shopping? - You can do this of course.
You want to do all these things? - You can and you want. Your desire is more powerful than your neurosis.

Trust me, you’re a powerful human, spiritually a god. You have created your fears so you can also destroy them. I defeated my the worst neurosis ever (the worst derealisation + depersonification disorder. A giant fucking bomb) and I did this. I did this even without medicines - it’s gone fucking forever yaa, because I wanted and I became mad at my fearful state, which fueled me to fully defeat it. And you can do this too. It’s possible and you have this power - but you must consciously wake it up and use it.

The love doesn’t solve everything. Indeed, it is a very powerful source and it can be more as an encouragement to defeat your fears or neurosis. But anyway, the love doesn’t heal all your inner fears and sometimes it even can turn into obsession on your partner.

Not really. Root chakra especially, with 3 chakras below as grounding the energy. If you will direct energy on Crown chakra it may have very inharmonious effect, cause this chakra is the highest one. The one, that needs controlled all fears before it raises.

Yes. That’s true. Because people need balance and grounding. They often go by the quickest means, forgetting that their all deepest fears are their reflections during the occult work. This also happening because of limitation of the mind and ego. Human mind is limited to understanding the higher meaning and laws and it will never understand them fully when it’s embodied in the physical body and plane.


Uh oh I must be doing it wrong.

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