Spirit that can help in discovering a source of income up

Please I need suggestions on any spirit that could help discover a suitable source of income for me(not employment as I am looking to be self employed and work from home).

I am a RHP practitioner but I am open to LHP as well.

I am not asking for money,but discovery of a path towards financial freedom.

@darkestknight @mulberry please your input will be appreciated


Translation , sometime no degree try Etsy shop.mma skills,? Hotel answer call.,try YouTube so many ideas there,or did Walker,I don’t dude,so many options, invoqe a spirt and get a tarot reading

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You will need to have some idea what you want to do (work at) when working from home because if you don’t have a clue and ask to work from home from an entity you could get anything. Baby sitting. Pet sitting. Stuffing and licking envelopes closed. Selling windows and doors. Delivering newspapers (maybe since they drop them off at your home you deliver them them). Literally any number of things, and if you don’t have any idea you could end up with a job you hate.

So before calling an entity you should think of what you want and don’t want to do. Then call them. Carte Blanche saying get me anything I just want to work from home is a kinda asking for the possibility of regretting it later unless you can add but I don’t want to lick envelopes or whatever it is you don’t want. Obviously if you don’t mind licking envelopes you wouldn’t say but not licking envelopes.

Also search the forum using search terms ‘spirits jobs’ in the search bar and you’ll find lots of posts where various spirits are recommended for finding jobs. 50+ results if you do. Then just read the ones that sound like they’re what you’re looking for.


Thanks for your response.

I would be lying if I said I knew what I wanted or had a specific source of income in mind.

I am basically clueless.

I just wish some spirit I reach out can give a response like,“hey Michelle,I have an amazing suggestion for you,begin to do this…”

What I got using the search button was results for people looking for a specific job or have a job in mind that they want




Thank you so much.

Please is there a book you suggest that will help me work with him/her?

Have you contacted him/her?

Please any additional advice or suggestion on working with the spirit will be appreciated.

Here is a topic with some good answers that you might find useful. It’s an old topic but it’s short and sweet.

Increase the money I work for

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Thanks,I will check it out shortly

He hasn’t been on in a hot minute (from what I can tell), but @UnseelieDiabolus has worked with Belphegor quite a bit.

But the lore behind Belphegor is:

Belphegor gives people ideas for inventions that will make them rich


My goto entity is Ant’harratu. He’s from the Book of Azazel. If you search his name on here a few people have talked about him and you’ll see I’ve been saying this for years: and true to the text he’s still with me and still manifesting career improvements, which is what I asked for. :smiley:


Thank you very much.

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Im still around and pop in at least once a week to check my notifications lol


I was exactly where you are 6 months ago. No clue but wanted to work from home.

I worked with Beelzebuth for wealth. I didn’t get money exactly, but he put me on the right path to study, update my knowledge and come up with my business plan. It took a while suffering from shiny object syndrome, trying different things until I figured out the best course of action.

Now I’m self employed and already getting my first clients in a lucrative area.

So often, when you have nothing, no avenues for income, magic can open those paths for you. It just takes longer.

On a mundane note, you can check freelancing platforms like Fiverr and see what people are doing that is similar to what you can do, and create a profile offering those services. There are lots of tutorials online on how to succeed there.

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Do you know anyone in particular? Have you worked with one?