Spirit Sigil for writting a story

So, as in the future I plan on releasing a fiction book, I wanted to know if there is any spirit that can help with inspiration.

For now I’m training my (portuguese, I’m going to make a english one) writting on Fictionpress and seems to be good, but I want to be better when I finally make a book.

So, I want a sigil that can help me with inspiration and writting skills for my current story as a test.

any ideas?

What d’ya like, invocation, evocation, etc?

Well, it depends on what is more likely to work with me.
I can’t see spirits yet, tough I sometimes ‘think’ I feel a presence.

Invocation, it can be great help, and I know about the ‘don’t resist’ thing… actually, I don’t know how it would be at all, and that makes me curious.

evocation, since I can’t see nor hear spirits yet, I think I would have to blindly instruct the spirit to make my mind more prone to inspirations and ideas.

who knows? it can help me MORE than I what I want.

What would you recomend?

An invocation, but is that what you want to do?

an Invocation seems to be the better deal.
I doubt I will end a blabblering mess on the ground like in a exorcist movie, and well, I want to know what having a spirit inside me feels like.

what should I expect in a invocation? and what do I need?

Any of the scribe entities, like Thoth, or Mercury can help with inspiration. You could also look into invoking the Greek Muses. If you want your fiction to be a little darker, I highly recommend Mammy’aon from the Book of Azazel.

Go see if you can find this entity in the astral, if you can astral travel: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/mastering-soul-travel-omnipresence/%27dorr%27-who-gives-inspiration-entity-thoughtform-something-else/

He helped me past a roadblock recently, but I have no idea if he exists for everyone else.

You could attempt working with the spirits of dead writer’s you found influential in your own writing style.

Mammy’aon from BoA. I was struck with ideas immediately after opening his sigil. I wrote nonstop for like 10 mins afterwards.

Some planetary spirits such as NASCELA, CARUBOT, PIGIOS, ROTOR, PARUCHU… there are tons who can help.

Rufas Opus got Bune to help him write, and write a lot.

Definitely do what TWF said. I did that with William Golding, because Lord of the Flies is where I took a lot of inspiration from.

Also, find Door as well. Extremely useful entity.

Well shit… So many spirits and so many options… I’m actually quite overwhelmed.

Although there are some things I can’t do yet (like soul travel), I still managed to use a sigil efficiently (as mentioned in another post) so I’m going to make a research on those spirits and see if I can find a sigil for them… And when I finally master soul travel, I will see about fiding that door.

Thanks! You guys are the best!