Spirit sigil for keeping people with ill intentions away

So, the police decided it was a good idea to stop working and are going to protest for better payment… And as result, crime is going to rise spetacurlaly.

Bad things are alrealdy happening in the capital, and apparently, it’s going to happen in my city too.

Dad is living alone in the capital, I want to know of a good spirit that can keep bandids away from him. And my house as well, we don’t have a dog and it’s a easy target.

I actually hope this isn’t necessary, but things looks like are going to get out of hand…

I just read your posts, and you’ve had success with opening a sigil for Dantalion, right - so, since this is for your dad, and you’re keeping bad guys away, so I would suggest Michael, the angel, because that seems the least likely to have unwanted consequences, though I’m sure some people might disgree.

This is obviously a very important issue so I hope you get some more posts from other people that can build on this, and meanwhile I wish you and your loved ones all the very best, it must be bloody frightening.

I’d take a sigil of one of each of the 4 main ArchAngels and place one each in the 4 corners of my home. Ask that they protect your home and family.

If you have Book of Azazel I know someone used a demon from it to keep themselves protected and keep unwanted people from interacting with them. It worked pretty well actually. The name escapes me at the moment as I’m not around the book.

There are a ton of folk magick defenses if your interested. I know that’s not a main for focus here so if you want them I’ll post them if not I won’t bother.

Thank you very much. I will start working on the double defense right away. It’s something new for me to set up a defense, it may be chaleging, but I shall succeed.

Thank you for your support miss Eva :), I will surely use Michael.

TWF, I would actually like that, if you don’t want to post, just send it via pm. But I thank you in any case for the help :slight_smile:

TWF please post the defense you are talking about.

Off the top of my head…

You can lay out red brick dust around your property and doorstep to keep those who mean you harm at bay. This can also be done with protection sachet powders.

You can stick devil’s shoestring dressed in protection oil into the ground around your house. This can also be done with dressed railroad spikes or nails.

Take a knife, write the Archangel Michael’s name on the blade, dress it in protection and place it in the ground by your door with the sharp side of the blade facing away out into the street.

These are just general house protection tricks there are others geared to keep away spiritual attacks, the law, and other things.

Also this is sympathetic magick, the act itself is only a representation of your intention. You have to know and trust that what your doing is working, focus your energy and intention into the task your performing. Psalm 91 is an exellent protection prayer as well as psalm 23.

Perhaps charge and keep on your person the sixth pentacle of jupiter to ward off physical danger.

Also, I’ve heard this method of consecrating is quite powerful for the Solomonic Pentacles but I haven’t yet tried it;


I generally use the method outlined in The Psionic Grimoire with success;