Spirit Sharaty

Has anyone here ever heard about a Spirit, a so-called god called Sharaty?
According to the people who worshipand represent this one, he hails as far back as the Garden of Eden, and had trained Adam in his Magick. They say this Sharaty is a faithful servant of Satan;
They say he is mainly a money and power spirit, and his Priest ancourages people to make a pact with Satan in exchange for securing their souls or whatever else Satan and Sharaty would demand. But they insist on the person only taking the pact that they have arranged (that is, the wording).
I wonder if anyone else knows this entity?
Also, can those who converse with Satan ask him about this spirit for me? It is rather a personal desire for me to know what this spirit. Thanks in advance.

Why doesit seem as though nobody ever reads my posts. i truly need help!

I’ve never heard of this spirit, and maybe no-one else has - or at least not anyone who’s been online in the 2 days since you posted it? :slight_smile:

You can catch replies to your posts by clicking “New comments” at the top oif the page btw, I mention this because you said you’d had no replies to your post about PM notifications arriving late, but I’d replied and so did a few other people.

Back to Sharaty, do you have any more info, like did you learn of this spirit from a book, or a website? Any context might help, since the spirit might be more widely known by a slightly different name.

I saw it,I just didn’t know how to react.

In fact,I happen to respect you a lot more than you’d think.

Talking about selling one’s soul to a demon would for any newbie,be considered expected.And when he says he wants to sell his soul he actually means that.

But Milla,I know as a fairly experienced magician,and when she talks about a demon made for pactworkings,it does NOT mean he collects souls,it means he is THE demon,to make a pact with,and can bring a large variety of results.Like Lucifuge Rofocale,Lucifer,or Azazel.

That said,I have no knowledge of this spirit.

Thanks Arcane. A amn has been advertising throughout Africa, calling peopke tgo make a pact with the devil. It happens that someone I know became quite embroiled with this person.
I did email this man, who claims to be a marabout and asked him about this Spirit ( he does give the spirit’s name straight away in his adverts).
He told me that the spirit is a faithful servant of Satan and is a riches and wealth spirit, whose desire is to make people rich in exchange by selling their souls to Satan.
I told this person (sort of warned him) that I was not a stranger to magic, and have never heard of this spirit.
I just needed to find out here before I advised my friend properly. But I have told him not to have anything to do with this man as I see him as a conman, and my friend has thankfully listened to me.
I havde instructed my friend to call personally on Satan, if he truly is interested in any kind of pacts with him, and never trust so-called go-between met on the Internet. I gave him Satan’s Enn to begin him on his evocation.
Thanks all for replying. And thanks lady Eva. i’ll take your advice into consideration. Sometimes some replies escape me completely.