Spirit scope

I am a Linux guy and I use a lot of programming and system administration or analogs for it in my magic.

Name binding is is the association of entities with identifiers.

Scope is the region of a where the binding is valid: where the name can be used to refer to the entity. That region is sometimes referred to as a scope block.

Both me and @h4glaIV evoke Eris. He does so directly, I do so indirectly via a thoughtform that has Eris mix-ins. Is the Eris we are interfacing with in the same scope block?

E.A. Koetting invokes Azazel, but Orlee Stewart also invokes Azazel. Is that Azazel in the same scope block?

Azathoth in its own lore says explicitly that there is only one of them. Does that necessarily mean that every Azathoth is in the same scope block?

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Well you said you evoked a thoughtform and there’s many thoughtforms of some well known beings. So it’s likely you did not because again you stated you evoked a thoughtform not the legitimate entity.

Unless it’s a claim that the real entity and the thoughtform are the same being then it’s likely you did not because thoughtforms having bits of the real entity only makes sense if the entity themselves made the thoughtform and not a magician.


If this were a group ritual using the same means and methods, I would say yes. But when the scope is different and there isn’t a repository or management object facilitating direct messaging in some way, then they really become a sort of programmatic closure, don’t they? The scope would be dependent upon that passed into the function at the time of usage for both instances, but I do see them as separate instances, if done from separate applications, without using the same passed in this.

Does that make more sense?

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So much I could say but so little that I think would properly address this point. Eris of course has nothing to say on the matter.

I think a big part of this is not understanding where name binding occurs. Is it on an individual basis? Or is it a more “ordered” answer with a definite place for everyone? Is the scope block in our minds only or does it encompass all of society?

I look at things as being raw data. Every individual interprets that data in different ways. Very much so like a computer choosing which program to use to open a file. So when you view ANY entity what you are getting is a mixture of both that entity and yourself. Your own projection.

I think intent is key here.

Also, experientially I have 0 doubt we are contacting the same Eris, but your question is tricky to answer

The thouthform is dumping a lot of information on the matter on me and encouraging me to do a lot of tasks so I can be better informed on the matter. I am dragging my feet because she seems psychopathic and I don’t yet understand the consequences.

It might be a means of expanding your personal worldview more. Perhaps I’m not ready for it or I do not need it.

Maybe look into how much of your own projection you are putting onto this thoughtform, or how much your internal programs are screwing with the data you are recieving.

Apart from that you have to remember this is the Goddess of Chaos, you cant expect to understand her, just bask in her holy confusion.