Spirit pot

Sorry if there is a thread somewhere on this topic but none I found here.
What is Spirit pot? What is it for? Somewhere I’ve heard it’s like communicating with Spirit, but what good is it to do this Spirit pot? Is it actually like a closed little altar or a house for a Spirit? And most of all, how will Spirit benefit from it ?


First thing that came to my mind was an Urn. Well I can see the spirit pot as multipuropse tool. Something for binding or as a piece to use for communication. Like how Master Roshi used Mafuba to seal spirits in little containers. Get one and experiment. Make one a trap for things you don’t want attempting to enter your sacred space.

I like this explanation :slight_smile:


That’s all pretty close to the mark, as a matter of fact.

Think of it this way- when you call on a spirit and make offerings to it, it comes to you from Elsewhere. This might be closer to or further from where you are, but relatively speaking, it’s all nearby. The Crossroads is essentially equidistant from everywhere, metaphysically speaking. Ordinarily, that spirit is making walk to your destination, and it may take more or less time to manifest, assuming the call you put out is clear and strong enough to act as a good set of directions. Given time working with the same spirits, the signal becomes better between you, as well as your technique improving.

When you create a Spirit House or the like here on the physical, part of that process is the construction of the object’s energy body. It’s like setting up a roadside altar at the Crossroads itself, with your calling card on it. Every time you leave offerings to that spirit, it’s at the house. Every time you call, the phone rings on that spot, so to speak. It’s a permanent connection and association which acts as a fast-track for the energy you’re sending. This is the same reason why most older homes across China and Japan have dedicated shrines- you could make offerings anywhere, but repeatedly using the same location forges a stronger connection. And that House is a location, even though the object is portable.

You’re not building a container in which that thing is locked up for your convenience- especially in the case of well-known spirits, you’re probably not the only one with an active Spirit House for them. If you think of EA Koetting’s Gatekeeper Goat Skulls (Hehe, Goatkeepers), he doesn’t literally have Azazel himself captured in there- as if the Black Goat would fit into just one head anyway. Everybody else can still contact him. Those tools just give him a better signal when contacting the Gatekeepers, and though the process is hard, it’s worthwhile because he contacts them so regularly.

Hope this helps, @Kokot_Kiuh.

@Aprentiz That page was a great read. :slight_smile: Focuses pretty heavily on Ancestor Contact, but then, all that translates directly.