Spirit pot

I just got done reading a modern Goetic grimiore. In it the author gives vague instructions on how to make a vesel for Bune to be housed in a spirit pot. This seems cool and I was looking for more information on it. Then I just found a post that the author that did it had his house burn down. He said he thought it was a result of him making the pot. What do you think? I will say this in Palo your supposed to keep ur pots outside in a shed. Theyre no supposed to be in the house with you. For the same reasons because of fires and other things

His blog, Aaron’s blog, and Jason Miller’s blog go into a good deal of detail.


Certain spirits shouldn’t be kept contained in a vessel. If you’d like to create a spirit pot for a Goetic I suggest building it as a manifestation point, read; a point of contact, rather than a vessel to house them in.

Opus got his house burned down because he got emotional and wasn’t thinking clearly. Telling a demon to get me money By Any Means Necessary is never a good idea if you in fact care how you get the money which basically everyone does care how they get it.

You can hear him explain what happened in his interview on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.