Spirit possesses me to say inspirational message

I think that spirit did possess me a little. It made me type ‘Feel your body. Feel every moment. Live every moment.’ To my friend. What does that mean?


That sounds interesting :spider:.

To me, It means to pull your awareness inward and to avoid fantasies. Tv has taught us to live and attach ourselves to fantasies. So we miss a lot of important clues to our wellbeing and growth.

Dont miss the experience fantasizing about things that arent real. Focus on you, and how you can accomplish your ideas. Live every moment to its utmost potential and appreciate each and every second. Reflect , integrate, evolve.


Thats a technique called automatic writing if you arent familiar with it it might do good to do some research.

As for what it means, well you should ask your friend. The message got sent to him, correct?

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@SeekerofK came into my house, flipped my desk, and hit me with the #FACTS and I deserved it. haha

I would think this means to fully experience life. Definitely like what @SeekerofK mentioned, we can “be in the moment” but not actually experience it fully–we can miss signs and messages because we’re not 100% in the moment and trusting our intuition.

For example, you can be driving down a street and get every. single. red light. Sometimes it means nothing, but if you’re looking for/asking for a sign, this could be the universe saying: “Hey stop and take a breather.” (For a really relatable example.)