Spirit or spell to bring us located at same place? Is that a thing?

Does anyone know of a spell or spirit that can bring someone to my same location or me to theirs permanently?
This is mostly in regards for new job transfer. I’m hoping it will bring us to work in the same city or work in the same facility.
Is there anything that could work for that to happen?

You can always work with whoever can give you the means to that.

I don’t really understand the issue. Is your partner willing to move? You can’t move? It is a money issue?

You could so some energy work!

Put your intent into motion with magic. Spend some time meditating about what you want. See yourself obtain your goal. See this person get the job. See you get the job. See you together. Crystallize those desires in energy and then shoot it outward. The thing is to build your power into those thoughts, and those energy forms will be burning with your Will, until it is undeniable. You are jolting the universe to move according to your Will.

To solidify Will with energy or personal power, you will need to meditate on it and actively direct energy. I find mala beads to be useful to help me focus and crystallize my intent to draw in what I want.

Rinse and Repeat, until your will become solid enough to manifest, but don’t wait on your magic. Work with it.

In that vein, look for jobs and apply with confidence. Even if it is electronically, the more confidently you press that SUBMIT button, the more of an energetic impression you will leave on the person doing the initial screening. You can literally use your application to plant a seed to further go about your goals.

For Spirits, I hear King Piamon is good at this kind of stuff.

I do not have any personal experience with the King myself, but its what I got for searching around the forum. Might be worth looking into, and asking for his help?

No the means is we do the same thing for a living and he’s an ex I’m trying to reconcile with. Being located in the same place will (I believe) give us enough time to forgive and a chance to get to know each other again simply by putting our job first and force us fuck face why we were ever friends in the first place. In the name of work we put that first so I believe it’s the answer as grounds for getting to reconcile.