Spirit or spell for menstrual cycle?

So I have been looking for a spirit or spell that can help control blood flow and “start”/“end” my period when I want. But I’ve been looking on and off the forums and have found nothing regarding what I’m looking for (unless I’m using the wrong search terms).

Any ideas?

Ask the Breath, Lord of the Air, Lucifer metaphor in demonology.


Talk to your body.


I’ve done that a bunch of times. Nothing happens. xD

The first one that comes to mind is Marbas. He is called a healer, poisoner, and surgeon but one thing else, he is an expert on the human body.
He’s like a master engineer.

I’d call him and see what advice or teachings he has on this that could help you.

Good luck, shits a bitch.


Not a spell but until you find one, black and blue cohosh and menstrual extraction …depending on where you are, someone can do it for you at a clinic, it helps get it over quickly.

Parsley is good for inducing periods, it softens and opens your cervix, you can make it into tea or parcel it and insert into your vagina in addition taking vitamin c.

This is not medical advice, Parsley, black and blue cohosh are toxic in large quantities and you should consult a herbalist or naturopath.


Command it. Whenever I get sick or something… I command it, and it works

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How please?

Please advice how