Spirit or ritual to protect something I want to buy?

Do you guys know of a spirit or ritual to protect something you want to buy and that it makes your competition fall apart so that you are the only viable option to purchase what you want?

Try tis if u knw u competition name bussines. In picture use runes such instead of strength reverse to weak. In figure wax or doll baptize and put a cloth on face to see clearly stating u wish.

You could use a variety of methods , try offerings to a spirit , but that doesn’t guarantee success , what makes you think your competition doesn’t have spirits protecting them ?

Is it something like a car or a house?

One of the simplest spells is to simply visualise the object enclosed in a bubble of energy that repels anyone from being interested in it except you. You can also see the bubble stamped with the word “MINE” on it.


I like this method. Pretty straight forward. Yeah, it is to rent an apartment.

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