Spirit or imagination

Hi it’s been four years I’m hearing nonstop whispers
And had some scratches in the past
I did almost everything to get rid of them but didn’t work.
How do I know it’s not my imagination

Try banishing ritual and observe does anything happen afterwards.

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Okay I will try it thank you

You can draw pentagrams around you when lying in bed to be protected.

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Well the voices started laughing after ritual
Do I need to do something else?
I’m a beginner

Consecrete your home with sage.
Also try to use banishing frequencies on youtube they have worked for me. The biggest way to not to mock you is to not to fear them.

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I’m not afraid of them
thank you for guiding me

So u just hear them. So, if u can hear spirits. So u can summon one. Try, Lilith, call her as mother.

To be honest I can’t hear all the spirits
But I hear some of them because they are attached to me

She’ll can help u in many ways.

Then become attached to the ones you can’t attach

Just love what you want to do , the next thing will be your success

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I don’t know all of the conversations of them because whispers aren’t clear
But okay I will call upon lilith

Your senses are developed than many people, so it’s easier for you.

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Yes I could feel spirits always
Someone said that I’m also clairsentient
I think it’s easier for me
I don’t know if they’re jinn or parasites

Try to get into trance and have a chat with them.

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You’ll know what they are

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That’s a good idea

But its a really nice gift you have.

Wish you good luck in your journey.

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