Spirit office

Can someone please clear up this confusion I have? Lol ok, so as i understand for example you have take a spirit or entity that you communicate with, but it’s not “THE”—-spirit—- it’s a spirit that belongs to a class of that spirit.

Can someone please break this down a little for me?

I get the gist of it but also when I search online I haven’t seen much info regarding this…
Thanks! Ashe


Spirit offices? Usually it’s what they rule over.

Ok maybe I confused myself more lol

I think I know what you’re saying. Reminds of me Quimbanda lol. So very confusing. I think it’s a case by case thing but hell, who am I to say? :man_shrugging:t3:


Are you trying to say you have a working relationship with a “familiar” of a given spirit and are wondering if they can pull off the same task?

@Novembercomingfire No -it’s a topic that I’ve heard discussed and was curious about,not something I personally have experience with.

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Oh I hear that!!!

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Spirits commonly work with each other this is where the misnomer came into effect that a certain demon held a rank or legion of 30 spirits under him. Demons are unranked and do not form into hierarchies. Many listed hierarchies are created by the Warlock or sorcerer who wrote or created grimories or spellbooks starting in the middle ages.